10 Tips For Aspiring Cabin Crew

The cabin crew job is one much dreamed of by many, but in reality, it is quite difficult to achieve. Meanwhile, there are ways of improving a person’s chances of getting their dream job. Here we look at 10 tips for anyone aspiring to be an airline cabin crew.


10/10 Understand the role

Probably the most important tip of all is to really understand what the job is about. There are many preconceived ideas and assumptions about cabin crew that are simply not true. Most people just see the uniform, glamour, world travel and service onboard. This can lead to disappointment and some people leave during training when they realize it’s hard work, long hours and you have to train to deal with emergencies. Safety is our first priority, followed by passenger welfare.

9/10 Know the application process

It is important to read the application well and make sure that you are sending the exact information the airline is asking for. The requirements are lengthy, and if you don’t meet them at the first stage, the application will be rejected immediately.

8/10 Understand the assessment day

Try and find out in advance how assessment days are run and read all the instructions completely. Talk to other candidates if possible and find out about their experiences of the day and what kind of things to expect. Prepare well, and don’t leave anything to chance.

Wizzair cabin crew

Photo: Wizzair

7/10 Research, research and research

Once you are sure that it is the right job for you, research the airline that you have applied for and learn as much as you can. The airline’s history, how many cabin crew they have, what types of aircraft and what destinations they fly to. The recruiter will want to know that you’ve taken the time to find out such information.

6/10 Practice interview questions

Cabin crew interviews can be quite tough, so it’s good to find out what kind of questions might be asked. These will usually be based on customer service and personal experience, so it is a good idea to practice some answers in advance. The recruiters will be looking to see if you have the right kind of personality and qualities to be cabin crew.

5/10 dress the part

When attending any assessment or open day, make sure to dress the part and look like you are cabin crew already. Wear business attire, look professional and well-groomed and even copy the look of the airline that you are going for. The recruiters will be watching closely to see if you meet their presentation requirements.

4/10 Understand it is a lifestyle

When you join an airline, you basically give your life to them and live life through your work. You are a company representative and need to maintain high standards at all times. You will work long hours at all times of day and night, with no set schedule. You will end up missing family events and occasions and, sometimes, even friends and family will not understand, But, you do get used to it, and most cabin crew wouldn’t change their lifestyle.

emirates cabin crew

Photo: Emirates

3/10 Competition is fierce

Emirates alone receives, on average, 15,000 cabin crew applications every month. At one recruitment drive for another airline completed over six months, 75,000 cabin crew applications were received. From these, 8000 applicants were invited to assessment days. After the final stages of interviews, 120 new crew were accepted for training. During training, you will lose another 10% due to performance issues or because they have misunderstood the role.

2/10 The airline ‘fit’

Many candidates choose just one airline and are disappointed when they fail. It is rare to get the first airline of choice, the first time around. It is important to apply for a number of airlines and find the right airline that fits you and not the other way around.

1/10 After rejection, keep trying

Rejection can be soul-destroying, but in the airline world, it is something that you learn from. It might just not be the right airline or the wrong timing. As previously mentioned, competition is fierce, and finding the right airline can be problematic. Once you have applied for an airline, you cannot usually reapply for another six months, so it is always worth keeping your applications on rotation until you find the right cabin crew job.

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