2 Trade Ideas To Send D’Angelo Russell To Pelicans

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D’Angelo Russell is a close friend of NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns. Realistically, that’s a large part of what landed him in Minnesota in the first place. It’s great when teammates are friends: it fosters natural chemistry that can’t be replaced.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s right for this team on the floor.

The Wolves did enjoy a solid season, as did Russell. Unfortunately, his numbers took a nosedive in the postseason. His points per game slipped from 18.1 to 12.0. He was woefully inefficient, shooting 33.3% from the field. It would be more a burden than an asset.

Some speculate that the Wolves could move on from him this summer. It makes logical sense. A backcourt of Patrick Beverley and Malik Beasley will lack his playmaking ability, but that doesn’t feel like a problem with Towns and Anthony Edwards on the roster.

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A powerful specialist and a floor-spacer might function with two dynamic shot creators.

If the Minnesota Timberwolves agree, here are two trades that send Russell to a team that could use a point guard: the New Orleans Pelicans.

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