5 Ways PR Wins at Generating B2B Sales

Our PR firm has received a recent uptick in inquiries from B2B companies hungry to generate business during uncertain times. Advertising is expensive and supply chain issues, looming inflation and the ongoing global pandemic increase pressure to secure new business.

Public relations is a cost-friendly, highly effective strategy for generating inbound leads and boosting sales. Here are five reasons B2B media relations and press-coverage strategies for your company should always be part of your marketing mix.

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1. Americans still trust trade press

The Reuters Institute recently reported that the US ranks last among 46 countries for trust in the media. According to a survey of 92,000 media consumers, only 29% trust mainstream news outlets, making PR an uphill battle for many brands.

However, trade publications and business journals remain the premier platform for reaching business decision-makers. Most trade publications have good reputations with industry experts. Many are published online offering enewsletters, making it convenient for professionals to peruse industry news daily.

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