A look at turnout, process and more

Perhaps the best way to describe the scene at the Shelby County Board of Education polling site in Midtown on Thursday would be “busy but smooth.”

The line of voters was short, but the flow of people was steady enough to keep poll workers occupied. Ten or 11 people stood at machines at one time, working their way through dozens of positions on the ballot, including Shelby County Mayor, Shelby County District Attorney, as well as County Commission seats and numerous judgeships.

Voters were also casting ballots in state and federal primary races, including the governor’s race.

Retired special education teacher Kathy Sanders cast her ballot and walked outside. She said the sheer number of races presented some challenges.

“A big ballot. I had to go through and try to do the best I could with some of them. I researched it — but some of it you have to go on faith.” She said she votes in every election and this time supported candidates including Steve Mulroy in the district attorney’s race and for Steve Cohen in the Democratic primary for Congress.

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