“A Symbol of the American Dream” – When Yankees Great Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez Heaped Praise on Shark Tank’s Ingenious Concept as a Tool to Empower Women

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez achieved immense success during his baseball career. Post-retirement, the string of success continued. ‘A-Rod’ became a highly successful entrepreneur, investing in many leading business organizations. He was also a guest investor on the reality series titled ‘Shark Tank’ on ABC Channel.

A legendary slugger on the baseball diamond, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez became an icon of the sport. The achievements as a New York Yankees player that Rodriguez boasts of, are not an easy feat to match. After years of bidding farewell to the sport, ‘A-Rod’ once joined the cast of the popular reality business show ‘Shark Tank’.


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While being a guest investor on Shark Tank, ‘A-Rod’ got asked about his thoughts regarding the show. He was high on praise for the entire concept. After all, Shark Tank is the type of show that can breathe life into a ‘Rag To Riches’ fairytale.

Alex Rodriguez’s heartfelt appreciation for Shark Tank

At present, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez is one of the richest American sports celebrities. But it wasn’t always the case. ‘A-Rod’ built his empire brick by brick.

Starting with humble beginnings, ‘A-Rod’ rose to the top through his talent and hard work. He is the son of a single mother who lived on meager earnings. But Rodriguez is now an embodiment of the ‘American Dream’. So ‘A-Rod’ fully appreciates how the show ‘Shark Tank’ enables people, especially empowering women to earn lifetime fortunes through their business ideas or investments.

Talking about ‘Shark Tank’ with ‘Extra TV’ anchor Charissa Thompson, Rodriguez said, Well, first of all, I mean, you feel guilty almost being here, because you have nothing to do with the great success of this show. Besides just being a fan and great admirer of all the work they have done in. Really is a symbol of the American Dream.”


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Rodriguez added, “I came up with a single mother who had two jobs, who served tables at night. Today, I have two beautiful daughters. And if you think about Jennifer, if you think about all the beautiful women out there. And that’s why I love Barbara and Lori. They may be my two favorite Sharks because I always told my daughters, ‘if they can do it, you can do it as well’.”

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez as a businessman

After departing from his glorious playing career, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez’s success rate still kept on rising. ‘A-Rod’ next turned into a superstar in the corporate sector. Rodriguez is currently the CEO of ‘A-ROD Corp’ and the co-owner of Presidente Beer.


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