Addverb Technologies announces the launch of Medius

Businesses can store more and deliver faster with Addverb’s new multi-level carton shuttle.

Medius provides warehouse and distribution centers with alternatives to carton shuttles and crane-based systems for balanced throughput, investment, and storage capacity

Adverb Technologiesthe leading automation solutions provider for warehouses and distribution centers, announced the launch of Medius, its new multi-level shuttle (MLS) system. Medius is an automated and highly dynamic shuttle system that performs the function of storage and retrieval on multiple levels and is designed for businesses that want to increase storage density or establish an automation operation capable of rapid delivery that is scalable and modular. Based on goods-to-person principles, automated storage retrieval systems (ASRS), and carton shuttles, Medius will enable agile ergonomic order fulfillment processes.

Optimizing the use of space within a warehouse, Medius can operate at seven levels (3.7 meters / 12 feet high) with the ability to add more aisles by combining multiple MLS systems. Perfect for the storage and retrieval of cartons or totes, Addverb’s latest automated robotics solution features a storage capacity of 255,000 crates, double-deep tote-picking, and the ability to travel horizontally and vertically with 35 to 40 double cycles per hour.

With an increasing demand for businesses seeking safe and efficient automation capabilities in the rapid execution of delivering goods, Addverb’s Medius offers key features, including:

  • Enabled with seamless integration interface with any WES/WMS
  • High SKU system that caters to industries such as e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and FMCG
  • Low maintenance without disrupting other MLS operations
  • Increased efficiency with high throughput and an ability to store and retrieve

“The lines between traditional retail and e-commerce are becoming increasingly gray, which forces the need to engineer and empower warehouses with resilient and innovative technologies,” said Sriram Sridhar, CRO, Americas at Adverb. “At Addverb, we are in constant pursuit of providing a range of technologies to balance throughput and storage capacity challenges for omnichannel retailers and provide customers with a partner they can trust to offer such solutions.”

In addition to being able to operate on Addverb’s own software integration solutions, Medius is equipped with an automatic braking system and features an IP24 rating, allowing for grocery warehouse and distribution center operations.

With the unveiling of its newest multi-level-shelving system, Addverb continues to expand its portfolio of fixed and flexible automated solutions. Earlier this year, Addverb announced its expansion into North America and South Americaand established key partnerships, leveraging the company’s integrated solutions in the ever-growing e-commerce market.

Adverb Technologies USA Inc will demonstrate the Medius-augmented solutions at Retail Delivery Connect in Fort Lauderdale, Floridafrom August 1 – 3, 2022. To learn more about Medius or other solutions, visit


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