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The Air Force Materiel Command has released $ 8 million in support of multiple innovation initiatives across the enterprise. The funded projects support AFMC We Need efforts with an emphasis on technology, innovation, talent management and infrastructure across the mission.

The funded projects support AFMC We Need efforts with an emphasis on technology, innovation, talent management and infrastructure across the mission.

“All of the projects that were funded have a direct impact on our Airmen,” said Lindsay McNeely, AFMC Commanders Accelerated Initiatives, or CDX, team. “For projects that were submitted but not funded this round, our CDX teams are continuing to work with the innovators and intrapreneurs to help them further develop the ideas and find resources to support.”

Since 2020, AFMC has designated funds that CDX manages in support of improvement and innovation. In 2020, About $ 20 million was allocated in specific AFMC We Need efforts. The command designated $ 10 million in funding in 2021 and the same amount this year in support of efforts to accelerate change across the mission.

The projects funded during this round include:

$ 500,000 for Spark Tank finalist, Project FoX: Project FoX is establishing a government-owned Open Software Enclave on advanced weapons capability, while significantly reducing costs and years on fielding timelines. Project FoX is a third-party, cross-platform compatible applications from government and industry testable and field-capable outside of the Operational Flight Program.

$ 2 million for Wearable sensors: Wearable sensors for airmen Sensors that could provide you with an estimated cost of an infection.

$ 75,000 for Spark in a Box: Spark Cells need a simplified roadmap to establish the infrastructure for analysis, refinement, execution, scaling, training and reporting of activities. Spark in a Box gives Spark Cells a clear path to move quickly and meet the needs of their unit.

$ 106,000 for Closed-Circuit TV in dormitories at Tinker Air Force Base: This funding will upgrade the CCTVs to enhance the safety and security of 660 dorm residents and their property through modern technology.

$ 400,000 for Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Contracting Directorate Remote Desktop Protocol: This funding supports the replacement of the ConWrite user base, thus alleviating capacity constraints while increasing reliability. This effort will support the surge experienced during the months of August and September, the end of the fiscal year, and it will protect the plant from reducing energy consumption.

$ 4.8 million for User Experience / Laptop Replacements across AFMC: Nearly $ 4.8 million will fund the purchase of more than 4,100 laptops and ensure that airlines receive computers that meet IT compliance standards.

The CDX team is tracking several additional projects that they anticipate will be funded later this year.

AFMC personnel can continue to submit additional ideas or funding requests for consideration.

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