All the latest on the redevelopment of Leconfield Industrial Estate

PLANS have been submitted for early works to the Leconfield Industrial Estate in Cleator Moor.

The site is set to undergo a major redevelopment, with Copeland Council and Sellafield Limited leading the charge.

Ambitions are for the site to host the Industrial Solutions Hub, generating new ideas and developing skills for the future of clean energy and the nuclear industry.

It is designed to support West Cumbria’s economy after the scaling-back of operations at Sellafield site.

The first phase of development is part funded by a £ 22.5 million share of the Town’s Fund.

And planning applications have now been submitted for early works which will involve the refurbishment of industrial units at the site.

Supporting statements prepared by Norr, the architects read: “The proposals form the early phase of the Cleator Moor Innovation Quarter which will host the Innovation and Solutions Hub Campus.

“The CMIQ will be able to diversify the West Cumbrian economy away from dependency on the nuclear sector.

The application submitted recently for the refurbishment of unit 1A sets the agenda for Leconfield.

“The unit is a brown brick building that does not present the best image when entering the industrial estate. There is an opportunity to represent Leconfield Industrial Estate and set the tone for new visitors. ”

The site currently accommodates about 20 industrial warehouse units of varying sizes.

But as part of the estate regeneration, units would be refurbished, creating a cohesive and uniform look to the overall site.

Plans for the refurbishment of industrial units follow the submission of a planning application to build a 4,000 square meter hub building.

The building will be the center-piece of the campus, providing a natural meeting point for the businesses and operating organizations at Leconfield.

More than 35 businesses have already expressed an interest in being a Enterprising Town Cleator Moor.

Enterprising Town is one of four projects in the Cleator Moor Town Deal which secured the £ 22.5 million from Central Government.

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