Alpha : Infinio Capital raises 20 million for space technology fund and introduces “Venture Studio”, Silicon Valley’s latest venture capital model, and aims to help Taiwan establish a space ecological chain by integrating international space resources and attract

Infinio Capital raises 20 million for space technology fund and introduces “Venture Studio”, Silicon Valley’s latest venture capital model, and aims to help Taiwan establish a space ecological chain by integrating international space resources and attract

Infinio Capital, a Los Angeles-based space venture capital firm, has officially launched its investment plan in Taiwan! Infinio Capital plans to raise US$20 million for its space technology fund, Ignition Fund 1, this year. The fund will invest in domestic and global space industry projects and focus on integrating Taiwan’s robust semiconductors and manufacturing capabilities with global space markets, aiming to enable the establishment of an international space industry chain in Taiwan. In order to bring Taiwan into line with the international space market and the latest technologies, Infinio Capital has introduced the latest Silicon Valley venture capital model, Venture Studio, which offers assistance not only in the development of start-ups but also in the expansion of technology and business opportunities. Since January 2022, 10 global space companies and 10 supply chain firms in Taiwan have joined Infinio Space Venture Studio’s program.

“We are pleased to see Infinio Capital investing in Taiwan, initiating collaboration between domestic space tech companies and foreign firms, and accelerating the space industry development in Taiwan. We will continue to monitor the progress of Infinio Capital and other related funds and will provide relevant assistance if necessary,” said I-Jian Tsai, Deputy Executive Secretary of the National Development Fund.

Eric Lin, managing partner of Infinio Capital, who has previously assisted the Taiwanese government in connecting with NASA and SpaceX, remarks that “Taiwan enjoys the competitive advantages of a semiconductor ecosystem, precision manufacturing, cost management as well as a complete and technologically mature industry. supply chain. Few countries can achieve an optimal balance between quality and cost as Taiwan. However, since the South Korean and Indian governments have invested considerable national resources in the space industry, the critical period for Taiwan to establish a space industry has been cut short. , and the decisive period lies in the next 2-3 years. Taiwan needs to race against the clock to harness its advantages and speed up the integration of related technologies.” In terms of investment plans, Lin also states that “Infinio Capital will utilize the Investment With Orders model to bring international orders to Taiwan, which in turn stimulates the development of the supply chain through increasing demand and promotes the construction of a new ecosystem for the space industry. Infinio Capital will focus on business matchmaking, investment in international space projects and Taiwanese supply chain manufacturers, and offering assistance in the expansion into the space market to Taiwanese start-ups and technology companies interested in entering the space sector.”

Infinio Capital raises US$20 Million Space Technology Fund and officially launches investment in Taiwan

Infinio Capital has launched a US$20 million space technology fund, Ignition Fund 1. Lin shared that more than half of the targeted first close has been secured and the investment plan will be launched immediately. In addition to investing in space technology projects, Infinio Capital intends to assist Taiwan in building a space industry ecosystem in the next two years. As an investor in Ignition Fund 1, Wen-Fang Huang, the Chairman of Alpha Networks, states that “Alpha Networks has been focusing on developing network communications for decades and has also deployed low-orbit satellite network applications in recent years. We found that the R&D process of satellite technology requires a high degree of engagement from multiple specializations and therefore is hugely dependent on cross-border cooperation. The fact that Infinio Capital boasts a rich international industrial network and focuses on business matchmaking to effectively assist Taiwanese manufacturers in securing orders in the space supply chain is the main reason why Alpha Networks has decided to invest in Infinio Capital.”

Introducing a brand-new venture capital model: “Infinio Space Venture Studio”

Aside from the space technology fund, Infinio Capital also introduced the latest Silicon Valley venture capital model, Venture Studio, and established “Infinio Space Venture Studio (ISVS)” in Taiwan. Unlike traditional venture capital firms or accelerators, Venture Studio partners with domestic and global start-ups and technology corporations. With Venture Studio, local companies can quickly match the demands of foreign space technology companies. The cooperation model includes procurement, joint R&D, and joint venture, which promotes in-depth business cooperation. “ISVS partners currently include 10 international space companies and 10 Taiwanese supply chain firms,” ​​Stone Weng, managing partner of Infinio Capital and ISVS Chief Operating Officer, shared.

Arthur Wang, general manager of Rapidtek Technologies, remarks that, “Rapidtek specializes in the research and development of low-orbit satellite technology, with products now covering both ground and space that can be applied to low-orbit satellite ground receiving stations and payload systems We are looking forward to more cross-border cooperation opportunities after joining ISVS. At present, with the help of Infinio Capital, Rapidtek has begun to negotiate with European and American satellite system integration manufacturers. Given that both parties are very willing to cooperate, we hopefully will be able to share the good news with everyone soon.”

“In order to help Taiwanese companies enter the space industry, Venture Studio is the most suitable approach to venture capital,” explains Eric Lin. “Not only does it facilitate at least 1-3 years of long-term partnerships between foreign space projects and local companies but also assists in the transfer of advanced foreign space technology to Taiwan, such as technology transfer, joint R&D, Proof of Concept ( POC) verification, and mass production. ISVS can even support foreign space companies in setting up R&D or manufacturing centers in Taiwan or assist the establishment of Asian operating headquarters. We look forward to encouraging foreign firms to cooperate with Taiwan companies and nurture a space industry cluster in Taiwan in the next 2-3 years.”

About Infinio Capital

Infinio Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in founding teams with the goal of creating disruptive businesses at the intersection of deep tech, information technology, and space. With offices in Los Angeles, USA, and Taipei, Taiwan, Infinio has developed an alliance of space industry leaders, technical and engineering experts, and government agencies. Through strategic investments, Infinio aims to attract international manufacturers to Taiwan for manufacturing and R&D, eventually accelerating the expansion of the global space supply chain for Taiwan manufacturers.

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