An Evolution of Astrobiology

AbSciCon’s sessions are open exclusively to conference attendees. However, to include everyone interested in astrobiology, the Georgia Tech organizers have also set up three events that are free to the public.

Grover will moderate a discussion about bringing astrobiology resources to K-12 students. Lisa Yaszek and André L. Brock from the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts are part of a panel that will consider how the media and society would react if our own lives were ever discovered.

“We’ll explore how ideas about alien life have been presented in the media historically and how stories about alien encounters are written by marginalized peoples. Fiction Studies in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication.

“The liberal arts provides innovative, human-centered perspectives on science and technology. I hope the roundtables, film screenings, and public performances that we’ve scheduled will help scientists and artists alike think about the origins of life, here on earth and elsewhere, from new and perhaps surprising perspectives. “

The final public event is a plenary address of Tracy Drain, who received her master’s degree from the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. Drain, a flight systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, works on deep space missions, including Juno, which is currently circling Jupiter.

“We are delighted to welcome NASA and the astrobiology community to AbSciCon 2022, as well as aspiring scientists and engineers for all ages this year’s public events,” said Dean of the College of Sciences, Sutherland Chair, and AGU President Susan Lozier. “This year’s theme, ‘Origins and Exploration: From Stars to Cells’ speaks to not only the breadth of research discovery and solutions within our reach – but also to the collaborative, inclusive community steering the broader future of this field.”

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