Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Think The Terminator Had A Whole Lot Of Potential

In the article, Wayne describes visiting Schwarzenegger as he was filming “Conan The Destroyer,” the actor’s last project before the “Terminator” franchise changed his career forever:

“As we sat there talking he picked up the Conan sword, which weighed a ton, and went through the moves he’d practiced. Then he grabbed a pair of shoes and I said: ‘What are those for?’. He said: ‘Oh, some s*** movie I’m doing, take a couple of weeks.’ It was ‘The Terminator.’ That was the movie that made Arnold. For him it was just some crap film.”

To be fair, there’s a chance that the actor was simply letting off a little steam by venting because he was tired from a long day of filming a sword-and-sorcery epic. At the same time, we wouldn’t exactly blame Schwarzenegger for having reservations: the premise for “The Terminator” was literally driven by fever dreams and ecstasy, a fitting combo for such an unconventional film. And then there’s the fact that writer/director James Cameron was not the Hollywood titan he is today — he was just some young newcomer helming a low-budget slasher movie about a killer robot. Schwarzenegger was right to keep his expectations in check.

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