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Just as the sun begins to make a regular appearance and tease temperatures that they could hang out in the lower 70s, city- and community-wide yard sales are becoming almost a seasonal sport.

Flashing brake lights and myriad “sale” signs adorn wooden poles and intersections across the Rogue Valley – and cheap goodies are the name of the game.

Cities and neighborhoods around the region offer up informal sales each year, from spring to fall.

Most sales are informal, “sun-up to sun-down,” while others are a smidge more formal and offer sellers a chance to sign up on a sellers map.

Central Point Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stephanie Hendrickson said a pair of sales in her town are so anticipated every year there would likely be a protest if ever they were canceled.

“The Central Point City-Wide Yard Sales are not to be missed,” Hendrickson said.

“We had over 200 sales at our last scheduled event and hope for even more this year. Our sales are so well-loved that we have them twice a year and we encourage folks to check out our local shops and restaurants while they are in the area. ”

Whether you are buying or selling, the sales offers an opportunity to shop for a bargain or clear out that overstuffed garage.

May 14-15 (Phoenix)

Sales kick off Saturday with the city of Phoenix and “Travel Phoenix” offering a three-day sale. Residents who live in the city are invited to host their own yard or garage sale, and visitors are encouraged to check out local businesses hosting sidewalk sales, too.

To see an online map of sales, visit

May 21 (Central Point)

A week after the Phoenix sale, the first of two sales for the city of Central Point will be held Saturday, May 21. Sellers can register on the chamber of commerce website, (under the events tab). Anyone who lives in the 97502 ZIP code is invited to participate.

A sales map will be available to print or download online by May 18, with a limited number of printed copies available at the chamber brochure kiosk on sale day. For more info, call 541-664-5301 or visit online.

May 28-29 (East Medford)

Rounding out the trio of this month’s big sales is one organized by a Greater East and SE Medford Community group that encourages all Medford residents to host their own sales Saturday and Sunday.

Updated details will be posted at It’s a private Facebook group, so you’ll have to request membership by going to the page.

Aug. 27 (Central Point)

Skipping the hottest days of summer and making a comeback at the end of August, the Central Point chamber of commerce plans a second sale the final weekend in August. Like the first sale, it will have a map and the chance to register local sales. See as the event approaches.

Sept. 9-11 (Jacksonville)

One of the most popular sales in the region, drawing shoppers from out of state, the Jacksonville citywide sale is held the weekend following Labor Day each year.

Shoppers are encouraged to carpool as parking is extremely limited. The sale is informal, other than chamber and city officials announcing the annual date.

Sept. 24-25 (East Medford)

Another “second of two” sales, the Greater East and Southeast Medford Community group will sponsor a fall sale in late September. Updated details will be posted online,

Oct. 8-9 (The Expo)

An indoor sale ripe with local sellers of used goodies and vintage items, the fall “Barnstormers Vintage Fair” will take over The Expo in early October.

Sellers and shoppers are welcome to sign up and buy tickets in advance. For details, see, or For more info, email [email protected]

Oct. 21-22 (Eagle Point)

A final community-wide fall sale will be one organized by the Eagle Point Golf Course Community, which will host a slew of sales throughout its various neighborhoods this year in late October. The sale is well-attended and most residents of the golf course neighborhood fill their lawns, garages and driveways with secondhand goodies.

For more info, email [email protected] or call 541-385-7799.

Reach freelance writer Buffy Pollock at [email protected]

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