Bayonetta 3 Tip Helps Players Speed ​​Up Puzzle Piece Cutscenes

This one simple trick lets players significantly speed up the animation whenever a collectible is picked up in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 can be stressful when going for the timed platforming treasure pieces, but one player shared a helpful trick to make the forced animations when failing more bearable. Finding all the puzzle pieces is needed to earn rewards and so Bayonetta 3 Players will be forced to watch the same collection of cutscenes multiple times during the game. Timed sequences always add stress but forcing players to see the same cutscene animation of Bayonetta failing makes the trial and error more punishing.


Before release, to Bayonetta 3 voice-acting controversy erupted with the change of Bayonetta’s voice actor from the first two games. que Bayonetta 3 retains from the previous two games is the same frenetic combat broken up by exploration sections of the dreamlike levels. Finding every one of the collectibles will take exploring every nook and cranny while using different weapons and skills to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Collecting the puzzle pieces can be difficult as reaching them requires successful completion of timed platforming sequences

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If players fail while going for the puzzle piece collectibles a cutscene animation of Bayonetta falling starts to play out. Players can hold down any of the main buttons (punch/kick, shoot, or jump) to speed up the animation. This method works regardless of the player’s control scheme after the initial cutscene viewing for failure. While significantly less punishing, finding the odd cat in Bayonetta 3 does not count towards any unlocks in the store.

Holding down a button seems simple but could be easily overlooked by unaware players. If a game does not involve quick-time event-style button presses during a cinematic, it is common for players to put down their controllers to grab a snack or look at their phones. While intricate animations fit the PlatinumGames style, players seeking every single collectible will likely get bored with seeing the same thing each time. Not every player is capable of studying Bayonetta’s fan dance to replicate it perfectly.

This time-saving tip was shared on Reddit by user swozzy21, and it was followed by multiple Bayonetta 3 fans expressing their gratitude for this discovery. Unskippable cutscenes have appeared in games before, but Bayonetta 3 relies on speed and style which makes them feel more disruptive to fans of the Umbral witch. One player expressed dismay that they didn’t know about this during their first run through the game and described themselves as suffering through each cutscene. Players should look forward to finding more collectibles in the future as Executive Producer Hideki Kamiya has plans for more Bayonetta.

Bayonetta 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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