Beauty and the Geek’s Michael and Tara tell all about their new life together


When filming on Beauty and the Geek wrapped up, Michael found out that his shabby looking share house was going to be knocked down. So, he was left with a decision, sign a new lease in Sydney or take a leap and move in with his brand new girlfriend?

“At this point we have fallen in love completely, and I do love Tara so much,” Michael said (at which point Tara said “I love you too” in the background.)

“And I was thinking either it’s a year of long distance at the start of our relationship or I move down to Melbourne.”

Michael's house


At the same time, Tara was figuring out her own living arrangements and stumbled upon a fortuitous coincidence; co-stars Sam Mitchell and Alex Waters were in a similar situation.

“Sam and Alex had been talking about moving in together and I overheard them and kind of invited myself to join,” Tara explained.

Now all four of them live together in a Beauty and the Geek alumni house.

“It’s genuinely like a big family,” Tara said, “we watched the show together and had family meals. It’s very wholesome.”

The BATG crew


The friendship between the four of them explains where the rumors about Tara and Sam traveling together came from.

“I buggered off to Europe for two months and then Sam and Michael actually joined me there for a few weeks,” she said.

“We have three months worth of traveling and holidays snaps we haven’t been able to post to Instagram.”

For his part, Michael has no concerns about the Tara and Sam rumours, “They’ve been very entertaining.”

Michael, Tara and Sam


Now the pair just want to settle into this new stage of their relationship and enjoy the sharehouse life. Thankfully one of their housemates also happens to be a great cook.

“Alex makes an amazing lamb roast,” Michael said, “it’s so good!”.

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