Bihar students embrace instant live tutoring; clock over 1 lakh sessions on Filo

Filo, the world’s first instant live tutoring platform, which had partnered with the Government of Bihar to offer 1:1 live online tutoring support to students in the state, has registered a massive student response. The app was launched officially two months ago in Patna by the Education Minister of Bihar, Shri Vijay Kumar Choudhary. Since its launch, 21,000+ students have already enrolled on the app and clocked over five lakh minutes of learning across 1.2 lakh sessions, where they have been taught by over five thousand tutors from across the country. This format of post-classroom 1:1 personalized learning from expert tutors has seen tremendous acceptance across the state with maximum traction from Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, and Muzaffarpur respectively. Please find below a few usage trends that offer insights into the learning patterns of students from classes 6 to 12 across the state.

Class 11 and 12 students use the platform the most

Under this first-of-its-kind partnership, Filo offered access to its platform to all students from classes 6th to 12th across 9000 government schools in Bihar. As per usage trends so far, class 11-12 students account for maximum participation of 61% of all the sessions, followed by students from class 9-10 at 23% and 6-8 at 16%. When it comes to frequency of usage, the top ten percent of students on the platform (around 2000 students) have taken an average of 30 classes so far and spent more than 60 minutes on the Filo app. At the district level, students from Patna are clocking maximum learning minutes followed by Gaya, Aurangabad, Bhagalpur, and Muzaffarpur.

Demand for math and science is the highest

Mathematics is the most sought-after subject for which students require a tutor’s help followed by science. 51% of all requests from students were for studying math, followed by science at 39%. Across the majority of districts, math accounts for more than 40% of all the questions asked. When compared across junior (6-8), mid (9-10), and senior divisions (11-12), while math is the most sought-after subject in junior and mid-levels, science takes the top place when it comes to senior levels with the highest number of sessions.

In terms of most popular topics, students from classes 6-8 are accessing the platform to understand Mathematics, English grammar, and Science, while students from classes 9 and 10 are mostly learning Algebra, Light & Current, and Trigonometry. When it comes to classes 11 and 12, the most commonly requested topics are mechanics, calculus, and physical chemistry.

Science trumps Math in Darbhanga, Aurangabad, and Madhubani

While Math is the most sought-after subject across Bihar, three districts, namely Darbhanga, Aurangabad, and Madhubani buck this trend with students here taking more sessions in Science than Mathematics. The most popular topics in these districts are Thermodynamics, Mechanics, and Ionic.

mr. Deepak Kumar Singh Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Education, Bihar said We partnered with Filo to ensure a brighter future for the children of Bihar. It is heartening to see the massive response that the Filo app has received from thousands of students in a matter of a few weeks of launch, both for spot solutions and learning progression. Bihar has been a major center of learning and home to one of the earliest universities in India dating back to the fifth century. Our goal is to put Bihar on the education map again by ensuring high-quality school education for our students powered by technology.”

Imbesat Ahmad, Co-founder, Filo said, “We are humbled as well as excited by the massive traction we have witnessed in Bihar within just weeks of partnering with the government. I would like to express my gratitude to the government of Bihar for associating with Filo and giving us an opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousands of students. Post-classroom one-on-one tutoring can make a massive difference to a student’s performance and we are excited to see thousands of students seeing value in it and connecting frequently to our tutors to understand concepts better as well as to clarify their doubts. Having been born and brought up in Bihar, it gives me great pleasure that a product developed by me is helping students from my state bridge the learning divide by accessing top tutors from all over the country at the click of a button.”

“I am a student of class 9 from Shahid Rajendra Prasad High School, Patna. Bihar. I faced several learning difficulties until I joined the Filo app. Filo through its platform has opened the doors for students like me who cannot afford post-classroom coaching to understand a concert better or solve their doubts. When I sit to self-study, I access the platform to solve critical problems and clear my concepts in mathematics and science. The tutors on the platform are extremely supportive and have helped me improve my learning substantially within just two months,” says learner Sujay Kumar


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