Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson go “toe-to-toe” in Bullet Train

Having not appeared in a leading role for almost three years, Brad Pitt’s finally back on the big screen – and his latest actioner is one for the ages. The actor leads Bullet Train, directed by Deadpool 2’s David Leitch, in which five rival assassins chase after a MacGuffin briefcase on a Japanese Shinkansen traveling at 300kph. One of those assassins is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

“I Get to Go Toe-to-Toe with Brad,” he tells Total Film in the new issue, featuring Thor: Love and Thunder on the cover. “As everyone does. We can take a nice piece of the pie. Everybody gets a nice piece of the pie. He pauses. “Thankfully I didn’t accidentally punch the most beautiful man in the world in the face.”

While the assassins may be fighting Pitt’s character Ladybird, the movie’s not simply a thriller or action flick or murder mystery or even a comedy. It’s all those things and, as Leitch puts it, “an irreverent commentary on fate.”

Bullet Train

(Image credit: Sony)

“When you’re one of those tentpole movies, action is the cornerstone,” he continues. “You already know Ethan Hunt was there, you have to figure out a bigger set-piece. They’re awesome, but that’s what they need.” Bullet Train, meanwhile, is fresh, irreverent, anarchic, not yet hemmed in rules or templates.In today’s Hollywood, original IP is rare and should be celebrated.

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