Bruce Lee Club and PRIZM Group revive Bruce Lee’s home in the metaverse

Bruce Lee Club and PRIZM Group co-host “Revival of the Memory: Bruce Lee’s Home in Metaverse” for the 49th death anniversary of Hong Kong martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. To honor the legacy of Lee in film history and pass on his philosophy and movie arts to the next generation, Lee’s old home “Crane’s Nest” is recreated with VR technology for cultural preservation. Meanwhile, several Bruce Lee collectibles will be revealed for the first time in the exhibition.

Apart from introducing Bruce Lee to the new generation, the project aims to facilitate engagements and allow fans around the world to visit the old home and recollect memories through NFT and metaverse.

The two parties worked together with three students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin) to reproduce the “Crane’s Nest”, which was demolished in 2019, in the Metaverse. Fans around the world can “enter” the old home of this martial arts star, and experience it immersively by participating in a series of interactions. In the future, audience may also access all activities and events held by organizers via this Metaverse version of the “Crane’s Nest”.

The organizers have invited The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design to provide content ideas, and renowned computer graphics artist Shannon Ma as technical consultant. The finished project will be launched globally next year on July 20, Bruce Lee’s 50th death anniversary.

According to the press release, not only will there be a detailed introduction with historical photos and news clips in the immersive VR experience, but audiences can preview a one on one replica of the house which will be offered in the exhibition. Moreover, multiple Bruce Lee collectibles including Bruce Lee’s handwriting of the “Water Philosophy”, a pendant designed by Bruce Lee to commemorate the film Enter the Dragon, and preserved fragments on the exterior wall of Bruce Lee’s old home will be displayed.

Another highlight would be the installation to mimic the famous scene in the movie “Enter the Dragon” for visitors to share this instagrammable moment on social media. The exhibition is sponsored by e-payment platform Payment Asia, while a boutique PR agency Six Degrees is responsible for the PR of the project.

Wong Yiu-Keung, chairman of the Bruce Lee Club, said, “The building was first transformed into a hotel after Bruce Lee passed away, and was once planned to be converted into a memorial hall. Unfortunately, the plan was shelved after numerous attempts. and the former home was demolished. We want people to know more about Bruce Lee’s last trail via VR technology, and understand more about his ‘Water Philosophy’. The project collaborates with universities and organizations including three young students hoping to pass on the Bruce Lee spirit from generation to generation in unrestricted formats.”

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Wong added, “This exhibition started with a school project of the three students from IVE. They were required to do a project related to Chinese culture and were suggested the theme of Bruce Lee by the lecturer. They found lack of knowledge and information online, therefore, they came to me for an interview. After I heard about their idea on recreating Lee’s house by using VR technology, I thought that’s interesting since our club has been striving for rebuilding ‘Crane’s Nest’ for years. Having the join of PRIZM Group, the project comes to this exhibition today.”

Jeffery Hau, director of PRIZM Group, said, “This exhibition showcases PRIZM’s latest application of Web 3.0 technology, and we will have more collaborations with different brands in the future – imagining we can build attractions, host concerts in the Metaverse and interact with co -creators and audience. Bruce Lee is a representative of cultural exchanges between the East and the West. This exhibition hopes to revive the traditional culture with the enablement of Web 3.0 elements and pass on Bruce Lee’s spirit to the next generation. As a digital marketing company, PRIZM will continue to embrace the latest technology to promote the cultural scenes.”

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