‘Change. Accelerated. Live’: Inaugural Formula E Innovation Summit details the sustainable future of motorsport

Ahead of last weekend’s Formula E London E-Prixthe first-ever Formula E Innovation Summit took place, where details on how motorsport will become “net zero carbon” in 2030 were explained.

The summit, called ‘Change. Accelerated. Live’ was led by FIA deputy president for sport Robert Reidwith guests including: David Richardschairman of Motorsport UK, Deborah Mayerpresident of the FIA ​​Women In Motorsport Commission, and Saul Billingsleyexecutive director, FIA Foundation.

The event brought together a panel from a variety of different backgrounds other than just motorsport, to discuss how motorsport can drive and encourage innovation and sustainable development.

During the summit, Reid set out the FIA’s plans for the governing body to be “net carbon zero” by 2030, and for all FIA World Championships to have the “highest level” of the FIA ​​Environmental Accreditation.

“Motorsport has always been a laboratory for research and innovation and through FIA world championships like Formula E, we can accelerate the technology transfer to mobility in the areas of electrification. We can illustrate that electric mobility can be safe and entertaining and have a positive impact on the environment,” said Reid.

“Under the broader FIA portfolio, we are mirroring that process with the 2022 hybrid power unit in Formula 1, Rally1 plug-in hybrid technology in WRC, the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championship which is fully-electric in 2022 and with LM Hypercars in the World Endurance Championship. In other areas of technology and sustainability, we are creating change through the introduction of 100% sustainable biofuel in the FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship in 2021.

“As an organisation, we are already carbon neutral and we are working towards net zero carbon in 2030. We are taking significant steps along that journey. By 2025 all FIA world championships will need to reach the highest level of the FIA ​​Environmental Accreditation, and by 2026, all FIA championships will be required to be powered by 100% sustainable energies – from advanced, sustainable drop-in fuels to battery and hydrogen technologies. All of these will play a critical role in the future of the entire transportation industry.”

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