Chef Ace Champion used cooking as a launchpad for business success

GREEN BAY – On a recent Saturday morning, Ace Champion pulls up to LedgeStone Vineyards & Winery in Greenleaf. The back of his Jeep Renegade is packed with enough chicken breasts, green beans, rice and the fixings for mac n’ cheese to feed 52 people.

By the time guests start arriving, Champion, 45, is ready to put on a show.

“The kids feel like they’re meeting a celebrity,” one guest says as Champion offers her daughter a green bean to try.

In a sense, they are.

As Champion’s private cooking class gets underway, his show, “Cook Like A. Champion,” is airing locally on the WCWF CW 14. He not only cooks, but produces and writes the show, which airs in 13 other states and overseas in places like the UK and Puerto Rico.

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