Cinematic Health Education Process $ 4.1 Million Funding Round Up with Investments from Education Technology Leaders Rethink Education and Juvo Ventures

GREEN BROOK, NJ – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Cinematic Health Education, which announced that it has closed a $ 4.1 million funding round with investments from Education Technology leaders Rethink Education and Juvo Ventures.

This Series A round will enable Cinematic Health Education to scale its management and sales teams and build additional courses following the principle that compassion is essential for caregivers and caregiving in the Home Health market. The company will replicate its highly differentiated and successful approach to training Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) candidates, which features Hollywood-quality movie embedded in a 40-hour Federal and State approved curriculum. ReadyCNA teaches Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) candidates how to navigate various real-life situations in residential healthcare facilities. Cinematic Health Education’s curriculum has been used to train 7,500 CNAs and other allied health professionals in 30 states.

“Cinematic Health Education’s flexible online content is truly unique for how students prepare for the social and emotional challenges of caregiver roles,” said Rick Segal, Executive Director, Rethink Capital Partners. “While some high-quality training programs are available from the classroom, Cinematic Health Education has the high-quality content required for its students.”

“The need for more is a growing priority for Juvo Ventures to identify and support innovative, scalable solutions to grow this critical workforce,” said Sean Brown, Managing Director at Juvo Ventures. “We are very pleased to fund Cinema Health Education in order to expand its reach to more CNA candidates in the country while building the courseware for the Home Health market.”

This is the second round of funding by Rethink Education since its initial investment in 2018.

“It’s really gratifying to bolster our relationship with Rethink, which recognized our potential early on and has helped us grow to where we are today,” said Cinematic Health Education CEO Tim Murray. “But for a younger company like ours, it’s also critical to bring in new partners. This is why we are so excited about the investment from Juvo, which, like Rethink, is one of the top mission-driven education investors in the industry. ”

About Cinematic Health Education

Cinematic Health Education is dedicated to improving the training of Allied Health Professionals by helping students to acquire the content they need to acquire and to teach them. With programs like ReadyCNA and ReadyHHA, Cinematic Health Education provides a unique approach that combines Hollywood-quality drama with best-in-class design and engage students on their path to certification and prepare them for the emotional demands and rewards of their allied health professions. The story-based pedagogy ensures learner engagement to knowledge acquisition and retention. It delivers a realistic, day-to-day depiction of the challenges and rewards of the job. Clients have found the storytelling approach very successful for trainees with a wide range of educational backgrounds. CNA training programs using the ReadyCNA curriculum have been approved by regulators in 30 states to date.

About Rethink Education and Rethink Capital Partners

Rethink Education invests in early and growth-stage technology technology companies that are developing innovative solutions for 21st century learning. With deep industry experience, the team has invested in over 65+ companies to help transform and improve the way people learn and work. Launched in 2012, Rethink Education invests across the learner lifecycle from early childhood to workforce training and supports startups that are scalable, efficient, and unique. Rethink Education is a strategy within Rethink Capital Partners, the impact investment platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment strategies. To learn more, please visit

About Juvo Ventures

Juvo Ventures is a double bottom line venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology-enabled education companies across the education-to-work lifecycle. Juvo’s portfolio companies improve quality, access, and outcomes. More information available at

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