“Creative minds transform the world” – Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Nurtures Innovation and Invention with Patent Center

AL-KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia, June 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – A major element of human progress is invention — the creation of a novel, innovative ways to harness reality’s potential in delivering better solutions for challenges both mundane and extraordinary.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) has fully embraced the power of invention. For starters, the university has established a Patent Center under the Deanship of Research. The Patent Center supports the protection of creative scholarly activities, innovation, and discoveries involving faculty, staff, students, and others participating in PMU programs.

Following on from this mission, the Patent Center recently announced the opening of the first National Academy of Inventors (NAI) in the Middle East. A United States-based non-profit organization, NAI has over 4000 individual inventor members affiliated with more than 250 institutions around the world, including 30 institutions and universities outside of the United States. NAI broadly helps in recognizing and promoting the inventions made by its members for the benefit of global society.

The university has also recently announced that its members have more than doubled their patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to 23. This number represents a tremendous increase of 15 additional patents since just 2020. The patents cover a rich range of scientific fields including energy and artificial intelligence, as well as electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering.

“At PMU, we are taking important measures to increase our patent productivity and increase the global impact of the inventions created by our university researchers,” said Dr. Issa Al Ansari, President of PMU. “As we say at PMU, ‘creative minds transform the world’.”

The Local Chapter will work closely with PMU’s Patent Center, which has become a major resource for innovators, a critical resource, supporting the protection of creative scholarly activities, innovation, and discovery at PMU .

More than 400 academic journal papers cataloged in Scopus, including two papers in the prestigious Nature journals.

“The Patent Center is here to help not only the PMU community, but the community of inventors originally in Saudi Arabia and the world, along with all the nations of the world in advancing together through the power of invention, “said Dr. Al Ansari.

Contact: Ankit S Bhosale, (+966 13) 849 9346, [email protected]

Innovative Patents - Glimpse from the PMU's Patent Center

Innovative Patents – Glimpse from the PMU’s Patent Center

Revolutionizing Higher Education

Revolutionizing Higher Education

SOURCE (pmu.edu.sa) Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

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