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BATAVIA – The Multi-Use Dog Bottle, the Cook Dog Coat and the Softball Mat Bag – these are among the inventions pairs of St. Joseph Regional School students will be talking about when they are in Buffalo Sunday.

The students will join their peers at the Western New York Invention Convention (WNYIC) 2022 Inventor Showcase and Hybrid Ceremony Awards at 10 am at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Sixty-six second-through eighth-grade students representing 16 schools statewide are participating in the competition. Top grade group winners will be invited to participate in the 7th Annual Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention US Nationals taking place from May 31 to June 3 at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.

The St. Joseph students who paired up to create inventions were fourth-graders Adam Laska and Daniel Sutherland. The other pairs are fifth-graders: Chelsea Fitch and Maisie Yunker, Olivia Bezon and Avi Hughson, Summer Campopiano and Peyton Ferrando, Madelyn Casey and Harper Ferris. Sunday’s event is not the only one that can do it for a pair.

Avi Hughson and Olivia Bezon said they invented a multi-use dog bottle, putting a couple of months of work into the assignment. Both students have two dogs.

“We both loved our animals and took them on walks, so they didn’t have access to water or food in case they got dehydrated,” Olivia said. Their way to help their pets was with the dog bottle.

Avi and Olivia said they are looking forward to presenting their invention Sunday.

“I’m not nervous,” Avi said. Her fellow inventor, Olivia, admitted she was “kind of nervous.”

“We practiced a lot before our video and also during our video we had to practice …” Avi said.

The two students had other inventions in mind, but, Avi said, but the multi-use dog bottle stuck with them.

“We obviously have pets that we love walking all the time, so we are good at hiking, so we want to create something that could bring food and water, portably, to wherever we go,” she said.

Maisie Yunker and Chelsea Fitch also invented something to help dogs – the cool dog coat.

“Basically, what do you do, there’s a little that is small, medium and large, and you have a certain amount of ice inside the coat, and then you zip it up,” Chelsea said . “We have learned, from our research, that it keeps cold inside, so we use it to make it more comfortable than dogs,” they said.

Chelsea said all you have to do is pour the ice in, wait a little while and take the coat off the dog.

Explaining how they got to this point in the process, They said each of them has a cat.

“We basically have a cold coat in the winter, but then we decided to cool it because that’s more of a problem,” he said. “Chelsea used to have two dogs and I have one.”

Chelsea said she was excited and a bit terrified to speak this Sunday about their invention.

“Our teacher, Mrs. Paserk, she said, that there is a lot of people there and that’s a lot of competition, ”Chelsea said. Maisie agreed.

Inventors of the softball mat bag were Harper Ferris and Madelyn Casey.

“We both have softball and our coaches have trouble carrying all of our equipment around the field,” Madelyn said. “It takes half of our practice time up from carrying it and it really gets tiring. Making it was just an easier way to get your equipment around the field. ”

The fifth-graders said most of the equipment they use fits into the softball mat bag.

“It took us about a month and a half to make. There was a bit of trial and error, ‘Harper said. “We want to add more storage, but that was very difficult.”

As a Sunday’s competition, Harper says she’s a good public speaker, but won’t be able to go to Buffalo for it.

Madelyn said, “I’m pretty good with public speaking. It’s just that, I get pretty nervous and then, I keep going, I get a lot calmer. I’m pretty excited for the judging and all that stuff. ”

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