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MAZATLAN, Mexico – The 37th Congress of the Association of National Controllers of Plagas Urbanas AC (ANCPUAC) was recently held in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Pest management professionals in Mexico were able to meet peers in person following two years of virtual meetings (a result of COVID-19). The program was rich in presentations of interest to the participants, with the outstanding participation of international speakers. The inauguration of the event took place on the same day as International Pest Control Day (June 6).

There were face-to-face and remote meetings with delegates from other countries. Michael Bentley, PhD., Presented on behalf of NPMA and he discussed efforts being made by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to develop materials in Spanish to disseminate in the region.

There was a special moment since the final document of the International Standards for the Pest Control Industry was presented. Bentley, Moisés Capetillo and Benjamín Gómez presented the document developed by the Global Industry Coalition. This document presents the standards to which every pest control company should refer. The Global Coalition has developed some essential points that the industry require from those who work in this industry professionally.

The program included several speakers, including Yuridiana Sandoval, who presented on changes in human resources. A highlight was the participation of Carlos García Fernandez, whose CV is widely recognized for the various positions he has held in the public administration and the private sector. He presented on the legal framework, competitiveness and the state of the rule of law in the nation.

The Congress had a very active commercial area, which allowed interaction between customers and suppliers, much needed after the pandemic, more than 37 booths were presented.

The program was divided into two areas: one technical and the other administrative. Topics included: How to manage work teams; the roles of the manager; the management of work teams; risk analysis; vector management, PPE, bed bug management, cockroach control with pyrethrins, IPM with a comprehensive vision and rodents.

These were some of the many topics that were discussed in the Congress, which had a participation of close to 500 Congressmen and women, in the location of the CID CASTILLA Headquarters Hotel.

The board of directors of the ANCPU AC thanked Rafael Arambula for his years of service as president, ending his term in 2022 and handing over the position to Mario Aguilar Parra, with the help of his counselors Ignacio Martínez Gonzalez and Jorge Larregoitia.

The Congress ended on June 10 with a wonderful gala dinner and with the invitation to meet again in 2023.

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