Dermala Expands Patent Roster with Latest Eczema Treatment Technology

Consumer dermatology company Dermala, Inc. Has been awarded a US Patent (No. 11,364,214) for composing and treating eczema. This is the fourth patent in the San Diego-based company’s expanding intellectual property (IP) portfolio. This latest patent covers the human microbiome of treating and preventing atopic dermatitis (eczema) without using steroids or immunomodulators associated with side effects.

Dermala’s patented technology uses novel derivatives of postbiotic metabolites derived from C. acnes to inhibit the human skin microbiome, including S. aureus and overgrowth of methicillin-resistant S. aureus, MRSA. These postbiotic derivatives activate on the skin in the presence of S. aureus and then act directly by killing S. aureus to prevent S. aureus overgrowth. In addition, they help correct the imbalance in the microbiome and strengthen the beneficial bacteria present in the skin microbiome thus inhibiting S. aureus naturally. These microbiome-derived postbiotic derivatives can be combined with other ingredients to significantly increase the efficacy of the treatment without using steroids and causing side effects.

The patent is part of Dermala’s IP portfolio that covers the human microbiome for conditions including acne, eczema, and skin aging, as well as data analytics-driven treatment personalization and optimization.

Dermala took home top honors at a Colgate Connect Challenge earlier this year.

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