Detroit STEM students learn how golf is really about engineering

Xavier Norman swung a club with all his might yet the golf ball went only about 40 yards. Xavier let out a huge sigh and angrily dropped the club.

But after watching other students practice their swings, he asked for another club, and tried again. This time, cheers erupted when he knocked it almost 80 yards.

Xavier, 14, was Among 20 students in the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) gathered at the PXG Detroit golf shop in Troy for a Wednesday morning session called “The Science of Sport.”

The collaboration is aimed at showing that there’s more to golf than just swinging a club — it’s a way for engineers to learn how to incorporate technology into sports.

Leela Brennan, vice president of brand communications for PXG (Parsons Extreme Golf), far left, talks to students before they went off to four different stations in the golf store during the one-day DAPCEP camp at PXG Golf in Troy on July 27. 2022. Nineteen students from the metro Detroit school learned the science and engineering of golf from the clubs to ball striking.

Leela Brennan, PXG vice president of brand and communication, said the collaboration is a way for the luxury golf club manufacturer to serve the community.

“It started off as a conversation with PXG and some of our team about how we become better partners within the community in which our store is located,” Brennan said.

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