Duchess with Tic Tac Taco opens in New Albany International Business Park

The first Duchess prototype store featuring a Tic Tac Taco has been opened in the New Albany International Business Park.

The 5,500-square-foot store, a brand owned by Englefield Oil Inc. of Heath, is at 2135 Beech Road, just north of state Route 161.

“This is our new flagship design,” said Nathan Arnold, spokesperson for Englefield Oil. “So all of our new buildings are going to look like this.”

The store, the 120th in the company, has a bright, clean interior with an open format, with all of the products and amenities of a modern gas-station convenience store, plus Tic Tac Taco, where burritos, tacos, bowls and such are made fresh to order.

“We’ve owned the land so many years before the explosion of development around here,” Arnold said “So it’s worked out for us.”

What’s also expected to work out is the Intel microchip processing facility, where excavation has already started.

“Intel was a surprise,” Arnold said. “We’re excited about what it’s going to do to the central Ohio market.”

Tic Tac Taco employees Mark Nichols (left) and Jake Merchant prepare a customer's order Aug.  2 at the newly opened Duchess convenience store in New Albany.

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A store that was opened in January 2021 at 9550 Johnstown Road, also in New Albany, is similar to the new location on Beech Street but does not have a Tic Tac Taco, Arnold said.

Duchess also has a big competition in Sheetz, nearby at 9905 Johnstown Road.

Arnold said the company is a “friendly competitor” and that there is enough business for all involved.

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