edX Learner Story | Arca Berkay Zengi

More Confidence, Deeper Connections—and the Gateway to an Internship

Arca found the project-intensive curriculum of NYU’s MicroBachelors program to be extremely helpful in getting hands-on experience and keeping the concepts fresh in his mind.

“When learning programming languages, the most important thing is practice,” he says. “In the MicroBachelors, working on a lot of projects using Python really helped the information sink in. Those projects also helped me make deeper connections from one language to another so that I could pick up new languages ​​faster.”

To encourage learners to work on projects and problem-solve together, each of the courses in the MicroBachelors program had a discussion forum where Arca and his peers could connect and collaborate.

“The discussion forum was a space where we could share more challenging questions with each other and improve ourselves together,” he says. “Learning how to ask for help and also give it was one of my most important takeaways from the program.”

The courses also helped Arca feel more prepared for all the internships he started applying to at the beginning of 2022.

“I felt my confidence increasing as I moved into the interviews,” he explains. “I had worked on so many projects and case studies that I just felt more capable of answering everyone’s questions. In a short time, I started getting great feedback from the companies I applied to, and I think the biggest reason for that is the education I received from edX.”

Arca eventually landed an internship at Janus Bilişim, an IT consultancy in Istanbul. He believes the MicroBachelors program has played a pivotal role in his experience so far this summer. “I was able to find quick solutions to the problems I encountered in my work, thanks to all the different projects I worked on in the MicroBachelors,” Arca says. “I knew how to do better research, ask people better questions, and sometimes just dream up the solution myself.”

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