Embedded tweets could soon show if they’ve been edited: Report

The edit button remains a controversial and much desired feature on Twitter. Previously Twitter had confirmed that they were testing the much-requested feature and that it will be available on Twitter Blue Labs in the near future. Now, tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong has given us a glimpse of what it might look like when an edited tweet is being embedded.

It is clear that even if someone decides to edit their tweet, the embed will show that the tweet has been updated and there is a new version.

So clearly the platform will keep a history of edited tweets, which was hinted at earlier as well. According to Wong, users will be able to see if an embedded tweet has been edited or if there is a new version of the said tweet available. For websites, which tweets will, users will see a message below the tweet saying ‘There’s a new version of this Tweet’.

Also when an edited tweet is embedded, it will reflect this part as well.

Check out Wong’s tweet below showing the image of the feature:

This might not be the most elegant looking solution, but this is critical, given Twitter plans to introduce an edit option for tweets. This little note will ensure that even if someone decides to completely change their tweet, at least the embed will reflect that the tweet was edited.


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