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Created: Aug 04, 2022 07:57 AM

Twelve aspiring entrepreneurs have graduated from the second Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship program presented by Ignite Bermuda.

The nine-week program enabled participants, who ranged in age from 19 to 25, to develop their passion for entrepreneurship through workshops and part-time internships within some of Bermuda’s top start-ups.

Workshop topics included mindset and behaviors, marketing, Bermuda economic overview, lean start-up and more, all presented by industry experts, the Ignite team and alumni.

Within their internships, participants gained first-hand experience working alongside an entrepreneur on an independent project, such as marketing, market research, membership development or event planning.

Of the 12 participants, more than 60 per cent had already started their own business before the program, with 100 per cent saying that the program helped them to gain a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of the program, each intern delivered a five-minute presentation on their experience, what they learned and how they were going to apply it moving forward.

Three finalists were selected to present at the closing ceremony, each receiving a cash bonus: Tomiko Douglas, Najée Pitt-Clarke and Jordin Edness, with Kiera Simons receiving a special mention.

Awards included the Ignite Spark, presented to Sé-Lah Ray, who demonstrated the “Ignite spirit by taking action and getting outside of their comfort zone”, and the Expeditiousness Award, earned by Erin Cardoso for continuously exemplifying punctuality and readiness.

The young adult interns, and their host mentor business/organization are: Ashley Fubler, Emilie Faulkner-Meek, Rise Marketing; Erin Cardoso, Jodi Virgil, Organized Solutions Bermuda; Jada St. Clair, Kristin White, St. George’s Stakeholders & Long Story Short; Jordin Edness, David Cahill, Bermuda Charge; Kaleo Place, Toriano Simmons, Rewards; Kiera Simons, Patrina O’Connor Paynter, Big Brothers Big Sisters Bermuda; Najée Pitt-Clarke, Craig Smith, Greenhouse Bermuda; Naomi Fubler, Kristen Scott Ndiaye, Noémie by the Well; Sé-Lah Ray, Reva Minors, Loquat Roots; Tiara Fisher, Claire McDevitt, Healthcare Solutions; Tomiko Douglas, Alex Marshall, Hot Fiyah Entertainment Ltd and Whip Rideshare; and Zillah Welch and Holly Mazar-Fox, Mazar-Fox Art Consulting.

The program is sponsored by HSBC Group and HSBC Bank Bermuda.

The Ignite team, interns, their hosts and HSBC at the end-of-programme celebration at the HSBC Harbourview Center (Photograph submitted)

Interns (left to right) Najée Pitt-Clarke, Jordin Edness, Naomi Fubler and Erin Cardoso brainstorming in the Ignite Hub (Photograph submitted)

Interns (left to right) Jordin Edness, Tomiko Douglas and Sé-Lah Ray collaborating during a workshop (Photograph submitted)


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