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Many adults let their fears and doubts stop them from pursuing a side hustle. But not ten-year-old Eryn Brathwaite. She didn’t let anything hold her back from launching Soaps Just for You By Eryn B, a handmade, natural soap business that she is proud of.

The entrepreneur, a Standard Four pupil of the Pinehaven Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, recently spoke to the Express about her soap enterprise, her love for soap-making and how a school project on agro-processing, which focussed on product research and demonstrated how. to transform products originating from agriculture, piqued her interest and was the springboard she needed to delve into soap making as a business.

“We did a school project in my Standard Four class, called Agri Processing and this is when my curiosity began. I started watching videos about making soaps. I wanted to try it, and asked my parents to purchase the kit for me. They gave me a melt-and-pour soap kit for my tenth birthday and it was so amazing making my own soaps, ”Eryn said.

Eryn launched her soap business earlier this year, in time for Valentine’s season, and operates out of her Sangre Grande home.

“Since my parents bought the soap kit for me, I haven’t stopped making soaps. I do several types of soaps like Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil Soap which helps with acne, Pumpkin Spice Soap which helps with dry skin and Coconut-Lemon-Orange which helps with blemishes.

“My soaps are all made from natural ingredients. I use real fruits and vegetables in the soaps which make it a better product and an exciting presentation. I also have several favorites but two of them stand out for my personal use which are the Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil Soap helps with my pimples and Carrot Soap helps with my skin blemishes, ”Eryn said.

Eryn said all hands are on deck when it comes to producing her soaps as the family also chips in.

“My parents help in all areas. Mummy does the paperwork; She is a professional photographer so she handles all by technical exposures and she assists in all other areas. Daddy is responsible for packaging and ensuring that all labels are properly placed on all soaps. My brother helps with marketing and he also shares his ideas with me and my six-year-old sister helps me in the brain-storming phases and any other areas. “

Eryn’s parents help her to balance her soap business as well as to stay on top of her school assignments.

“School comes first, and when that is completed then I start with soap activities. I have the support of my parents, teachers and other adults around me to keep my spiritual, school and home life balanced, ”Eryn said.

The soap maker is also focused on passing for her first choice school.

“My soap business actually also keeps me focused. My favorite subject is mathematics. I want to pass for Bishops Anstey High School, in Trincity, ”Eryn said, noting that she isn’t focused just yet on a career of choice.

“To be honest I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I want to continue focusing on my studies to guide me along that path, and of course to advance as an artist, ”Eryn said.

Eryn, who attends the Arouca Revival Tabernacle with her family, had this advice for other young entrepreneurs: “Having God in your life is the most important choice you can make. Try your dreams and ideas and talk to your family about them, ”she said.

Eryn’s mother, Adena Brathwaite, highlighted the importance of support and creating a positive environment for children to grow and explore their talents. Braithwaite said Eryn comes from a creative family.

“It is important to create a safe and comfortable environment for children among their families, and with this they are able to explore, develop, and cultivate constructive dreams, explore their inner talents or abilities and create an environment for future positive structures. On both mother and father sides of the family there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Braithwaite said Eryn understands all the facets of her enterprise.

“Eryn is now fully aware and understands the value of money and what it represents to individuals, businesses and herself. Especially as she has been exposed to the purchasing of stocks and supplies. She is now able to apply the biblical principles that she has learned, in saving for herself, and giving thanks unto the Almighty God and by extension blessing others. “

Soaps Just for You By Eryn B, can be ordered via [email protected] The products can also be viewed on Instagram, Tik Tok @ soapsbyerynb and Facebook and Fb Market place @ Erythan others Others Enterprises Ltd.


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