Firework sales kicking off, Brazos Valley encouraged to use caution in dry conditions

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Firework stands around the area are getting ready to welcome customers starting Friday. But, with 10 of the 16 Brazos Valley counties under a burn ban, the timing comes with concerns.

According to Erin O’Connor with the Texas A&M Forest Service, wildfires across the state are preventable with the correct steps.

“In Texas, 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans and their activities so that they’re completely preventable,” O’Connor said. “Make sure you’re cautious, have a water source nearby if you’re going to do any burning, be cautious with any grilling, or if you’re going to lite fireworks.”

Hot temperatures, dry vegetation, and winds could pose concerns to people hoping to set off fireworks as the 4th of July approaches.

Brotherhood Forever Lone Star Chapter Motorcycle Club Treasurer, Lori Roberts, spent Thursday helping to set up the group’s firework stand. They have been selling fireworks for five years and give the money earned to charities benefitting veterans and scholarship funds.

Roberts says they have a loyal customer base for just that reason.

“We kind of have a reputation for having motorcycles out here so when they see the motorcycles they always say‘ are you guys the same group because we want to buy from you guys cause y’all support veterans ’so we always make sure we bring our motorcycles out here and our customers, we get a lot of repeat customers, ”she said.

These familiar faces are exactly why Roberts said they don’t expect conditions to deter those looking to shoot off fireworks this year.

“Some of them buy it here then they go out to their place, they’ve got their own spot over a pond or over a stock tank, so they try to be safe about it,” Roberts said, but the group is hoping for a little rain for their customers. “There’s always [fire] concern, we got a little rain shower here the other day, which was kind of nice, but I think it’s supposed to rain on Wednesday so we’re kind of watching the forecast, and hopefully we can get a little bit of rain to kind. of keep the fire hazards down. That’s always good for us. “

O’Connor says the area would need a significant rain shower in order to help with fire conditions.

“We don’t anticipate getting much precipitation in the near future so again just asking Texans to be very diligent with their outdoor activities, being cautious, and being mindful of the conditions. If it’s dry, if it’s hot, if it’s windy, maybe delay any activities that could cause a spark, ”she said.

The Brotherhood Forever Motorcycle Club firework stand is located at 6720 E State Hwy 21 in Bryan, next to Coulter Airfield. The stand opens on Friday through the 4th of July.

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