Form 6-K TOYOTA MOTOR CORP / For: Jun 23

3. System to ensure that Members of the Board of Directors, etc. of subsidiaries exercise their duties efficiently

TMC will require Members of the Board of Directors of its subsidiaries to promptly determine the management policies based on precision on-the-ground information, determining responsibilities, implementing appropriate delegation of authority based on the responsibilities, and efficient conduct of business.

4. System to ensure that Members of the Board of Directors, etc. and employees of subsidiaries conduct business in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and the Articles of Incorporation

TMC will require its subsidiaries to establish a system concerning compliance. TMC will periodically confirm its status and report to TMC’s Sustainability Meetings and other meetings.

TMC will promptly obtain information about its subsidiaries and responders to problems and questions related to compliance with its subsidiaries in Japan and other channels.

[Implementation status]

TMC has extended the “Guiding Principles at Toyota” and the “Toyota Code of Conduct” to its subsidiaries. The TMC provides an adequate direction to ensure that these principles are properly incorporated into the management philosophies and behavioral guidelines of its subsidiaries.

TMC clarifies roles and tasks relating to subsidiary management; Also, each fiscal year, the results of which are confirmed by the Board of Directors’ meetings, etc.

1. TMC and its subsidiaries. The TMC’s Board of Directors has a number of important matters relating to such matters.

2. TMC requires its subsidiaries to establish a system for implementing initiatives related to the management of risk, the subsidiaries. Significant matters and related measures thereto are discussed at the Sustainability Meetings or the Board of Directors’ meetings, etc. in accordance with the standards concerning the submission of matters.

3. TMC confirms that its responsibilities have been determined, and that the authority has to be determined, and that improvements must be made as necessary.

4. TMC examines significant risks to its Sustainability Meetings, etc.

TMC has extended to its subsidiaries the financial compliance rules that should be instituted at the subsidiaries. TMC also provides subsidiaries for carrying these rules are permeated into the day-to-day

operations of its subsidiaries. In addition, to ensure that the duties are performed by directors, etc. TMC is working to raise awareness among those directors, etc. of the laws and regulations that they need to protect with, key points for requiring such compliance, and so on.

The TMC has established its subsidiaries in Japan. Factual investigations are conducted by subsidiaries and relevant divisions of TMC, and necessary measures, including corrective measures and reporting to relevant executives, are taken.

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