From ‘The Armadillo’ to ‘The Rosemary’: Geordies share new name ideas for The Sage Gateshead

Some are spectacular and some are down right ridiculous, but here is what Geordies have come up with so far

Last week The Sage Gateshead announced that it would be renamed later this year.

A new super-complex is built next to the current iconic Quayside venue by Sage Group

The 12,500 capacity arena is built alongside business and hospitality spaces in 2024.

Sage Gateshead Managing Director Abigail Pogson hopes the venue’s renaming will be a chance to “turn a new page”.

The Sage opened in 2004 and is now one of the North East’s most recognizable landmarks with its 3,000 stainless steel and 250 glass panels shining over The Tyne.

Ms Pogson said: “As we approach our twentieth year, this is an opportunity for us to affirm who we are, how we want to be known, and what we look like.

“We also want to make sure things are new to audiences, artists, donors, trusts, foundations and other supporters as the new Sage arena is built next door.

“Its addition to the quayside will make Gateshead Quays a unique destination in the UK.”

Scrolling through social media, here are some of the best names that Geordies have come up with so far.

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