Futurays launches Smartinique, a Metaverse in the Caribbean and brings Web3 solutions to Martinique

Smartinique, 1st Caribbean Metaverse developed by Futurays in Martinique.

Develop your own virtual experience and grow your business in the Caribbean virtual world Smartinique Metaverse.

If you own a virtual land in Smartinique Metaverse, it will be possible to generate sales in this virtual world. Smartinique is an opportunity to monetize your virtual experience.”

— Julie Heloise, CEO of Futurays

LAMENTIN, MARTINIQUE, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 3D animation studio Futurays based in Martinique announced the launch of the Caribbean Metaverse Smartinique. The French island Martinique will be put forward in this huge project. The startup Futurays teamed up with Caribbean CG artists and developers to take part in the first metaverse platform of the French Outermost Regions.

Smartinique is a virtual world, a platform where users will be able to interact in virtual spaces, explore the digital twin of businesses, attend virtual events, invest in virtual real estate and develop their own experience of the metaverse.

The CEO Julie Héloïse describes Futurays as a French startup which « aims to anticipate new digital trends and to prepare both businesses and individuals in the Caribbean for a transition to Web3 ».
Futurays wants to introduce virtual marketing solutions to companies, in the French Overseas and the Caribbean, with the use of hybrid solutions in the metaverse. That’s why users will be able to invest in early access in the Caribbean Metaverse Smartinique.

Smartinique Metaverse is a mix of real world and internet. You will be able to explore this decentralized virtual world with or without a VR headset, you will be able to buy virtual lands in order to build your own virtual house, build your own virtual real estate property, resell or rent out your virtual land in Smartinique Metaverse and many more opportunities.

For corporates, they can get their digital twin, completely modeled in 3D and available in Smartinique Metaverse.
Corporates will be able to introduce their business, present their products and advertise on virtual ad spaces to skyrocket their business with digital strategies. The metaverse will transform the customer experience.

« If you own a virtual land in Smartinique Metaverse, it will be possible to generate sales in this virtual world. Smartinique is an opportunity to monetize your virtual experience » said the CEO of Futurays.
Smartinique Metaverse is a solution to reinforce the economy and Caribbean culture. Web3 also offers opportunities in the music industry with the rise of virtual music artists such as Max Himum, a French virtual artist entirely created by computer-generated imagery.

Max Himum takes part in this project as a virtual ambassador and virtual music artist. His new release “Metaverse Nightlife” has already been featured in the Smartinique Metaverse Teaser.

Futurays is now also partnering with the music label Maestria Music to integrate the music artist Saël into the metaverse for a new virtual experience. Futurays is currently working on the digital twin of this famous Caribbean music artist and his manager. With the rise of virtual concerts, Web3 offers great opportunities for music artists in the metaverse.

Smartinique is a promising metaverse project for the Caribbean, for the French overseas departments such as Martinique, Guadeloupe and the French territories. You can already join Smartinique Community or register your company in the metaverse.

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Martinique gets into the Metaverse and becomes Smartinique


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