Getwizer’s Latest Platform Upgrade Delivers Increased Accuracy, Automation and Presentation Capabilities

The improvements see a significant boost to Getwizer’s machine learning algorithm accuracy analyzing open-ended question text and data cleansing.

NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Getwizerthe hybrid consumer insights platform, announced today the latest upgrade to its WizerOne technology, allowing researchers to do even more while maintaining quality and consistency.

The new release provides improved machine learning algorithms for coding of open-ended text and data cleansing. This increases the overall accuracy and consistency of the data, and improves the identification of themes as open-ended responses are captured and analyzed in real time. The improvement in performance delivers up to 95% accuracy.

“These sets provide new industry standards for accuracy, saving hours per project in human supervision time, and outperforms what is currently available in the market,” says Gilad Gans, CEO of Getwizer. “Customers can now benefit from highly scalable accuracy, to produce quality results regardless of the amount of data, while requiring less manual work for researchers. This also improves the scalability of Getwizer’s platform to service more companies without compromising quality research or data delivery. . “

The automation of Getwizer’s fully customizable research building blocks technology is also expanding to expedite the use of past research work to create new projects. Various elements of a previous campaign can be easily duplicated and adjusted making repeatable research effortless in as little as a few minutes, allowing research teams to seamlessly test, learn and repeat as often as they need to.

The ability to effectively present and share research results using Getwizer’s Native PowerPoint has also been further optimized with the addition of more chart options, formatted HTML text fields and greater editing capabilities.

“Each PowerPoint report is now easier and quicker to create instantly within the Getwizer platform, requiring the absolute minimum of manual input,” says Alon Ravid, President & Co-Founder of Getwizer. “These automated reports allow research data and insights to quickly cascade across an organization and its key stakeholders in an instant. Getwizer’s intuitive native PowerPoint presentation capabilities are now available in the forefront of what is available in the market.”

This latest upgrade of Getwizer’s core technology forms part of the company’s product roadmap, which will be followed shortly by another release to cement Getwizer’s position as a leading consumer insights platform that delivers impactful research that is fast and affordable, with no tradeoffs.

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Getwizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform integrating the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and efficient research experience. We enable insights, product and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, freeing them up to focus on decision-making that drives growth. Getwizer counts among its clients’ brands such as Reebok, Wilson Sporting Goods, Playtika and Next Insurance. For more information visit

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