GHF’s ​​latest class, ‘AMP’d 45’, introduces the use of zone technology in HIIT workouts

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – This month, Gainesville Health and Fitness unveiled its newest boutique studio and training program. Gilliam Brown joined us to tell us what you can expect the next time you head to the gym. AMP’D 45 is a high-intensity class using zone technology so it’s a heart-based monitor workout. Monday through Saturday they have all kinds of workouts for their members and for those who want to join the class, but its basically different intervals to help build strength, build cardiovascular endurance, and to also build confidence both in the class and also in the gym on their own as well. The exercises apply to how the body moves day to day so they can apply these strength moves, a lot of these agility moves and cardio endurance moves to their everyday life as well.

The demographic they are looking at is anywhere from 25 to 45 years old but if you are someone who is super competitive and you are not in that age range, or you are super competitive and looking for a new way to make your workout more dynamic and interesting , this is the right workout for you. When you join, the heart rate monitor is part of the signup process, so it’s basically like your entrance fee into the program, and zone technology color coordinates your heart rate zones so if you’re in the 70th percentile of your max workout, or the 80th, the 90th, your coach can monitor how you’re pushing yourself so they can continue to push you a little harder or regress back depending on what you need at that time.

It’s normal to be intimidated, especially when it’s something new, but something new is always a little scary, it’s always going to be a little uncomfortable. The coaches that are teaching, their job is to empower you and make you feel as confident as you can, so at the beginning like you know the first round of exercises you may be overwhelmed, but then over time, there’s repetition, the coach is there giving you hands-on advice, and helping you along the way, so you’re not just thrown in and forgotten about.

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