Greek Australian mums named finalists in national entrepreneur awards

At least 11 Greek Australian mums have been named finalists in the AusMumpreneur Awards 2022.

Presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the annual awards recognize the best and brightest mums in business and acknowledge their success in product development, innovation and customer service.

Here’s our list of the Greek Australian mums who are finalists:

Elle Likopoulos, Absolute Business Brokers:

Elle Likopoulos.

Elle Likopoulos has been recognized in the category ‘AusMumpreneur of The Year VIC / Tas’ for her business, Absolute Business Brokers.

Elle specializes in international investor liaisons and has an acute understanding of the market and buying patterns of current international investors and business visa requirements for the purchase of a business.

As a mother of four children, Elle is motivated to be a strong role model for her daughter. She is also on a mission to assist women to have the confidence to run their own business, as well as conquer any glass ceilings in male-dominated industries.

Litsa Adamou, House Inspect Australia:

Litsa Adamou. Photo: Russell Millard.

Litsa Adamou has been named a finalist in a number of award categories including: ‘Disabled Business Excellence’ and ‘Multicultural Business Excellence.’

Litsa is the first female building inspector in South Australia. She has a background in senior leadership and property and is licensed with qualifications in building, project management, business and commerce.

Born on the Greek island of Samos, Litsa lived most of her childhood in Adelaide and most of her teens on the island. She returned to Adelaide in 2001 and is a proud mum to Ana and Yianni, and works alongside her partner-in-life and business, Barney.

Crystal Maros, Strap the Label:

Crystal Maros has been recognized for her business Strap the Label in the ‘Fashion Business’ award category.

Crystal’s brand is the antidote to fast fashion. Her handbag designs are classic, timeless and versatile. Every item is designed in Melbourne, Australia and assembled by hand from premium, vegan materials.

In a post on Instagram, the young mum of three said she was “so overwhelmed and honored” to be selected as a finalist and thanked all her amazing followers and shoppers for their support “in this crazy e-commerce world.”

Amanda Ellis, Sense Bookkeeping:

Amanda Ellis.

Amanda Ellis is a finalist in the ‘Financial Services’ category of the awards for Sense Bookkeeping.

Amanda started Sense Bookkeeping because she enjoys helping women have the time and money to focus more on the part of business they love – their zone of genius.

With 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, she’s a self-confessed numbers geek and loves to see things add up in someone’s business.

Rachel Anagnostopoulos, Dream Gig:

Rachel Anagnostopoulos.

Rachel Anagnostopoulos has been recognized for Dream Gig in two award categories: ‘One to Watch’ and ‘Digital Services – IT.’

Dream Gig is an Australia-exclusive Remote Work (RW) platform dedicated to promoting genuine RW, Work From Home (WFH), Work Anywhere (WA) and virtual employment opportunities to job seekers eligible to work in Australia.

Rachel started working on Dream Gig in 2020 but it was only when the COVID-19 pandemic hit that she decided to take the project further in an attempt to empower people to live their best life possible and support people to achieve work-life harmony.

Carla Filipakis, Decorati:

Carla Filipakis.

Carla Filipakis’ Decorati business has been named a finalist in the ‘Children’s Activity Provider’ award category.

Carla’s vision for the business is to provide quality hands-on activities for children in a safe environment. Her philosophy is that children learn best by using their senses as it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

The activities at Decorati are designed to provide children with hands-on learning, to develop new skills, and to explore new activities thus supporting their cognitive growth, motor skills, problem-solving, and language expression and development.

Cathy Dimarchos, Solutions2you:

Cathy Dimarchos.

Cathy Dimarchos has been named a finalist in the ‘Women Changing the World’ category for Solutions2you.

Cathy is a guide, a coach, a consultant and a motivational voice, delivering a blueprint of business toolkits and solutions to leaders from every imaginable background.

With 35 years of experience in the finance industry (and around 50% of that time working in small business), Cathy has a lot of knowledge about how people think, act and react.

Zara Demeris, The Play Card Co:

Zara Demeris with her two children.

Zara Demeris is being recognized in the ‘Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year VIC / Tas’ and ‘Parent and Children’s Resources’ award categories for her business, The Play Card Co.

Zara is a mum-of-two and primary school teacher on a mission to share the joy and simplicity of play with the world.

A self-proclaimed “grown-up sized child,” Zara tries to achieve her mission by teaching families and educators how to use play to make their lives easier.

Robina Savidis, Panemorphi:

Panemorfi offers jelly masks.

Robina Savidis has been named a finalist in the ‘Hair, Beauty & Skincare’ category for Panemorfi.

Being a salon owner, Robina was always looking for the next best thing to bring into her salon until she decided to stop searching and Panemorfi was born.

At Panemorfi, Robina’s aim is to make clients feel their best and look their best with Jelly Masks that are oozing with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and moisture-rich ingredients.

Mary Nicolas, Stella Nicole:

Mary Nicolas has been recognized in two categories in the AusMumpreneur awards, ‘Handmade’ and ‘Multicultural Business Excellence,’ for Stella Nicole.

Mary established Stella Nicole in 2020 and every jewelery piece from the range is uniquely designed and carefully crafted by hand in her Sydney studio, using quality and hypoallergenic materials.

The company is named after Mary’s daughter, Stella Nicole.

Rita Chanis, Minnie Me:

Rita Chanis has been named a finalist in the ‘Overcoming the Odds’ category of the AusMumpreneur awards with her business, Minnie Me.

Rita’s business is an online store for kids products, clothing, accessories, shoes, bedroom decoration, and more.

In a post on Facebook, Rita said she was “honored, excited and proud to be nominated” as a finalist in the awards.

The winners of the AusMumpreneur Awards 2022 will be announced at a conference on August 30 – September 1.

*Please note: The above list includes the names of those who are recognized as Greek. If you think you belong on this list, please email us at [email protected].

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