Gym Class VR — why people are raving about this new metaverse basketball game

Practicing basketball in real life can be quite embarrassing. Rude onlookers can shout “brick!” when you miss a shot. A passerby may chuckle at your awkward dribbling. Well, thanks to an upcoming game hitting the Quest Store soon, you no longer need to suffer from slam-dunk self-consciousness.

Gym Class VR is a game that’s been the talk of the town on the Meta Quest App Lab, a hub that lets developers distribute experimental versions of their games to the VR community. Although Gym Glass VR is currently in beta, it earned 4.9 stars among 14,000 reviews.

When will Gym Class VR launch in the Quest Store?

Gym Class VR is poised to officially hit the Quest Store this fall, thanks, in part, to $8 million in seed round funding from Andreesen Horowitz (a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm). Since its release last year, Gym Class VR attracted nearly one million organic downloads due to word of mouth and community content creation. This VR basketball game must be doing something right!

Gym Class VR (Image credit: IRL Studios Inc.)

“Gym Class is more than a game; it’s a digital sport.” Gym Class co-founder and Chief Product Officer Paul Katsen said in a press release. “It lets you dunk like a pro, become a basketball star, watch, compete, cheer, and get involved in the whole experience of the sport. Just like with real sports, we believe digital sports will see thriving global communities, leagues, entertainment and events, fashion, commerce, fitness, and more.”

Why people are raving about Gym Class VR

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