Hollywood has-been Kevin Sorbo has a new side hustle and OMG you guys

Hollywood has-been/Donald Trump loyalist Kevin Sorbo clearly isn’t making enough from his crappy VOD projects to support himself in his golden years, so he’s picked up a little side hustle as the celebrity spokesperson for a new right-wing mobile carrier.

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“Now’s the time to switch phone carriers with a non woke mobile service!” the 64-year-old former Hercules actor tweeted to his 1.2 million paid Twitter followers over the weekend, along with a promo code for Patriot Mobile.

WTF is Patriot Mobile anyway?

Well, according to its website:

Patriot Mobile is America’s only Christian conservative wireless service provider. We offer broad coverage on dependable, nationwide 4G or 5G networks. We are committed to providing our members with dependable wireless service and exceptional support, while slowly fighting for our shared values. While you’re out and about, Patriot Mobile donates a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that fight for First Amendment Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech, Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, Sanctity of Life and the needs of our Veterans and First Amendments. You will answer. Will you partner with us today?

Plans start at just $25 and the company donates a portion of its proceeds to several different anti-LGBTQ hate groups, including the Family Research Council, CPAC, and Turning Point USA, thereby allowing users the unique opportunity to plot their next insurrection and rollback LGBTQ rights both at the same time. Fun!

Here’s how folx responded to Sorbo’s tweet plugging the wireless network…

Sorbo is no stranger to saying incredibly stupid things online. In the past, he’s used his social media platform to rail against vaccine mandates, bitch about the IRS, spout pro-Russia sentiments, and argue that Democrats are sub-par presidents and that’s why none appear on Mount Rushmore.

Yo, Kevin, if you’re reading… Don’t forget to update your phone…

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