How Lighting Technology Has Revolutionized Cannabis Growing Operations

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All organic matter needs light to grow and flourish. The source of that light may be the sun, or it may be artificial, but without the abundant and steady supply of light, life withers and never reaches its full potential. Nowhere does this ring truer than in horticulture and farming, specifically the cultivation of a crop that has rocketed in popularity and demand in recent years – cannabis. Sourcing efficient, productive, and affordable LED grow lights for their cannabis plants have been a bone of content for both commercial and home growers for many a moon. However, Fohse, indoor cannabis growing is a lot easier.

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The old, inefficient lighting systems used to cultivate cannabis have long proved problematic. For some time, individuals, regulatory agencies, and state governments have been looking into modern LEDs as the solution to their growing needs. Companies strove in vain to produce LED grow lights that were both efficient and productive until Fohse appeared on the scene and heralded a lighting revolution. Fohse introduced technology to the marketplace that has enabled cultivators, large and small, to replace their old energy and profit-making light sets with state-of-the-art LEDs that utilize less energy and produce higher yields.

Co-founder and CEO of Fohse, Brett Stevens, explained, “The cannabis industry is spreading like wildfire, and any good cannabis product rises and falls on one key aspect – cultivation! LED is the light that will lead us towards a greener and more energy efficient future. , above all, works. Good lighting is the key component to any productive farm. Without it, the farm cannot succeed.

As far as more states legalize cannabis and commercial and individual growers, Fohse believes their technology will spur the industry they love and have invested so much time into a brighter and better future, one LED grow light at a time.


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