How To Improve Your Facebook Privacy By Disabling Off-Facebook Activity

Stop Facebook’s partners from sharing information and enhance privacy by disabling Off-Facebook activity. Here’s everything users need to know.

Facebook users can enhance their privacy while using the most popular social network by disabling the Off-Facebook activity. Facebook makes money through the ads business by letting its users create well-targeted ads, and that’s why social networks need to know everything about their users, which may threaten their privacy. Off-Facebook activity summarizes the data and information that Facebook’s partners share with it, including users ‘visits and interactions with partners’ apps and websites.

Facebook does not have the most favorable reputation for users’ data, and it has been through lots of problems in this regard. The company has recently rebranded itself to be ‘Meta,’ and the new name represents Facebook’s interest in the Metaverse, which is known to be the next generation of the internet. However, many users still feel unsafe using Facebook despite its continuous efforts and promises, but on the user’s end, optimizing privacy settings would help in this regard.


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Users can easily deactivate the Off-Facebook activity feature, which will prevent Facebook’s partners from collecting and sharing their data. To do this, users should go to ‘Settings’ on the Facebook app on Android and iOS and then swipe down to the ‘Permission’ part, where the Off-Facebook activity option is available. On the other hand, the location of this option is different on browsers since users have to navigate to ‘Settings’ and then click on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ option.

How to Disable Off-Facebook Activity

Off-Facebook Activity Settings

There are several available options regarding disabling Off-Facebook Activity, and they’re the same on every platform. Generally, users only need to disable or modify Off-Facebook Activity once, and the settings will be synced across devices. After accessing the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ section of the Facebook settings, users will see three options. The first one is ‘Select Activity to Disconnect.’ This setting allows the user to disable Off-Facebook Activity for a specific app or website.

The second option is ‘Clear History,’ which lets Facebook users clear their activity history across the apps and services partnered with Facebook. However, this operation may sign the user out if they’re logged in using Facebook. The third option is ‘Disconnect Future Activity,’ allowing users to disable Off-Facebook activity entirely. It’s worth noting that users may have to enter their passwords to save the changes.

Using these features, users can block activities for specific services, which will prevent the partners from collecting and sharing data with Facebook. Users can also manage several settings related to every service from the same menu. Additionally, users can also click on the ‘More Options’ button on the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ settings page to view more privacy-related. Facebook settings, such as ‘Ad Preferences’ and ‘Access Your Information.’

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