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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 June 2022 – Weddings are a major event in a woman’s life. For the bride to showcase her most glamorous moment, Pretty Beauty leads in the latest medical beauty technology: the world’s first 10 THERA HIFU equipment that uses dual-linear simultaneous output and radiation mode, to create stable and perfect skin for the bride- to-be. The best state is to be confident and beautifully in one’s life.

Korea TENTECH’s Double Conversion Radio Frequency Technology

Our body is constantly fighting against oxidative stress, with the threat of free radicals from ultraviolet rays, pollutants, pesticides and radiation, etc. They cause damage to the skin collagen, resulting in skin aging, sagging and skin deterioration problems. As a beauty expert, Pretty Beauty introduced the world’s first HIFU instrument using dual-linear simultaneous output and radiation from KOREA TENTECH, providing a precise and efficient solution to rejuvenating the skin. With high energy-focused ultrasonic output technology, it doubles the efficiency of the previous single-linear HIFU equipment, and is tremendously enhanced in the precision of refining wrinkles, skin lifting, and the tightening effect. 200 hits with 400 rounds of energy induction. It brings spectacular effects in reversing skin aging and fighting against the damage of free radicals to the collagen tissue.

Major Breakthrough: Safety and Stability of the Non-Invasive HIFU

It is not surprising that brides-to-be are afraid of potentially irritating treatments before the wedding. They may lead to redness on the face that may not wear off before the wedding. With this in mind, Pretty Beauty continues to search for advanced beauty technology and instruments from all over the world. Now, Pretty Beauty brings along the 10 THERA HIFU to solve skin problems in brides-to-be in the safest and painless way. In just 45 minutes, it completely restores skin collagen tissue without any discomfort. Youthful and firmed skin is instantly revived.

10 THERA generates HIFU’s special high-energy focused ultrasound (HIFU) generates 60-80 degrees of thermal energy in the dermis and SMAS layers. The energy level is best suited for forming thermal solidification points at the cheeks, lips, forehead and neck. It penetrates 4.5mm in depth at the fascia layer to carry out the repairing process. It also works on the 3.5 mm dermis layer to restore collagen and stimulate the regeneration of elastin fibers in order to rebuild a stable and vibrant skin network.

10 THERA HIFU has two probes – 3.0mm and 4.5mm, which solves 7 major skin problems: wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, sagging, drooping, and sunken skin. They aim to heat from the superficial to deeper skin tissues, bringing long-lasting self-regeneration function to collagen and hyaluronic acid. Beauty of the skin is achieved to perfection.

Made for Bride-to-be: Flawless Skin Comes Easily

Having flawless skin is the dream of every woman, especially for the bride on the big day who is under the spotlight and is expected to welcome her best moment in her best condition. Pretty Beauty understands that all brides-to-be are stressed right before the wedding, and are crumbled by all the trivial matters of the wedding. Dull skin, dryness, and sagging appear easily. To overcome all these, 10 THERA HIFU helps create flawless skin and provide 7 days of skin stableness to the best skin condition. Dismiss with skin tiredness and be completely ready for the big moment.

Especially tailored to the needs of the brides, Pretty Beauty offers personalized skin consultation services for each client, in order to provide the nutrition needed by the skin. Skin is energized with fullness and shininess. With 10 THERA HIFU to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the skin is immediately lifted and the facial contours are highlighted. As we believe beauty is always the best support to all the brides.

About Pretty Beauty Group

Pretty Beauty Group has been specializing in beauty and body shaping services for 37 years. It has rich experiences in the beauty industry and is the first to introduce the latest technology and equipment from time to time! Pretty Beauty Group currently has 16 branches in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing professional, safe, reliable and attentive beauty and slimming experience for ladies who love beauty. To learn more about beauty, skin, and body shape treatments, please visit

Introducing the World’s Latest HIFU Technology, Pretty Beauty Creatures the Dazzling Beauty for the Bride |  Taiwan News


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