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Don’t wait until it’s too late to start spring cleaning! When junk starts piling up in your home, it’s time to start decluttering.

However, getting rid of junk is not very straightforward. You can’t just leave a couch at the curb – and so, here’s why you should check out our junk removal service in Auckland.

Why You Need A Junk Removal Service

While going through all the items that you want to clear out, it’s hard to figure out what needs to go and what should stay. And it’s even harder to figure out how to get it out of your home.

If the idea of ​​hiring a junk removal service to help you get rid of the junk in your house seems excessive, here are a few reasons why it might be beneficial for you.

  1. Declutter

Getting rid of all the items cluttering your home is something we should do from time to time. We never realize how many unwanted items we leave lying around until they truly start piling up.

Rooms that are cluttered tend to seem messy and unkempt. Also, clear living areas tend to feel brighter, cleaner and promote a positive energy flow.

  1. Junk Buildup At Home

While decluttering, you will also start noticing the areas where you tend to store away these items. Usually, these unwanted items are stored in the garage and under beds.

However, there are a few other sneaky areas where junk tends to build up, for example, a spare bedroom, a coat closet, and even a basement.

So knowing what these other areas are will help you keep an eye out in the future so that you can stay better organized.

  1. Extra Rubbish

Sometimes at the end of a large event at your home, when you’re moving out, or just at any time when you might have some extra junk to clear out, you can accumulate a lot of extra rubbish.

When this happens, it can be hard to get your regular trash disposal service to remove all of it- since they make rounds throughout your neighborhood. So in these instances, it’s much more straightforward to call in a professional junk removal service to help you get rid of all the extra rubbish.

What We Remove For You

We’ve started this junk removal service in Auckland to help make your life that much easier.

Our service can basically get rid of anything that you can think of! Plus, our professionals will do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t even need to figure out how to take heavy items from your home.

We remove a wide range of items such as;

Picking up a couch, taking it apart, and disposing of it is a really tough job. We can come in and pick up your old sofas and loungers so that you can make room for that gorgeous new one that you’ve had your eye on!

Beds need to be dismantled, and mattresses are very heavy and clumsy to carry. Our professionals can come in and remove these unwanted items in a safe and convenient way.

Moving out appliances and electricals is a little dangerous and tricky.

We can remove appliances like washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and free-standing ovens.

  • Dining & Lounge Furniture

Our skilled professionals will help you move out that old dining set or massive lounger from your home.

If you want to upgrade your office, don’t worry about what you will need to do with your old office furniture. Our junk removal service can remove all those old pieces for you!

Cabinets and shelves are tricky to move out since certain parts of them might need to be dismantled prior to removal. Plus, they are tall and heavy pieces of furniture. Our team of professionals will safely get these out of your home for you.

Handling e-waste – like computers – is a whole different ball game. It’s usually not permitted just to throw them in the trash, so it’s much simpler to hire a service to remove them for you.

Maybe your kids have grown out of using the trampoline they used to love. Whether your trampoline is assembled or disassembled, we can take that right out of your home for you!

Handling gas and cookware like a barbeque set is best left to those who know where and how to dispose of them since the occurrence of gas leaks is high.

  • Vehicle Tires & Batteries

You can take used tires to a mechanic’s shop and have them removed, or if that is not possible, our junk removal service can help you with that.

We handle tires with and without rims and also car batteries.

It’s not just big and difficult to move items; we remove your usual rubbish too! This includes general waste, clothes, and garden bags.

How To Book

As easy as the process of having professionals remove the junk in your home sounds, it’s even easier to book a junk removal service in Auckland with us!

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Log on to our website or the NexDo app

Simply head over to the website or the app and search for our junk removal service.

Step 2: Pick your service

Click on Junk Removal and then choose all the items that you will need our team to remove from your home.

Step 3: Choose A Time

Choose the time and date that works for you.

Step 4: Pay Online

Our payment gateways are secure, and our prices are fixed, so you will never have any nasty surprises!

Step 5: Leave it To The Professionals

Our professionals know just how to remove different kinds of waste and the proper ways to get rid of them. So you can rest assured that we will dispose of all of the junk removed from your home in a safe and environmentally conscious way.

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