‘Just Go Out There And Handle My Business’ Travon Walker Locks In at Day 1 of Rookie Minicamp

All eyes were on No. 1 overall pick Travon Walker during the first day of the Jaguars rookie minicamp. His athleticism and versatility were on full display, flying around the field and making plays.

For Walker, the excitement to get out on the football field outweighed anything else. The pressure of being the number one overall pick could easily serve as a distraction, but that’s not something that fazes Walker.

“I definitely have to say, just me being the person I am, I just like to be where my feet are, control what I can control, do what I can do best to help contribute to the team,” Walker said. “I’m not really all looking into myself, like I know what I can do to help my teammates. But I’m not really trying to please anyone else but my team and my coaches. “


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