Kim Kardashian’s Divisive New SKIMS Gloves Have Already Sold Out. Why The Kardashians Star Made ‘Em In The First Place

I have to admit, when Kim Kardashian released the latest accessory for her SKIMS swimwear line, I was left scratching my head. Why would one need or want swim gloves, and what’s that going to do to my tan lines? My fashion tastes must sit firmly in the minority, however, as the unique accessory has now completely sold out on the company’s website. It should have been obvious that the billionaire SKIMS founder knew what she was doing, and she actually explained what inspired her to add the gloves to the line in the first place.

Hulu subscribers watched Kim on the first season of The Kardashians as she tried to rediscover her own styles without Kanye West dictating her fashion sense. Part of that journey, the reality star told Vogue, is seeing how to make swimwear more fashionable outside of the water through different accessories, like the swim gloves. She explained:

The concept of wearing swim in the water or at the beach is a given, but I would constantly think: What am I wearing beyond that while lounging by the pool, boating with kids, doing water sports, or going out to dinner on vacation? My idea has always been to bridge that gap between in and out of water and create a complete wardrobe of options. This next drop has even more solutions to fulfill those needs, which is exciting.

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