KPMG-bound Rutgers Business School graduate hopes to bring more diversity to corporate America

During his four years at Rutgers Business School-Newark, Gary Carter savored the diversity and opportunities that were available to him as a student.

From classes and club leadership roles and the internships that led to a job after graduation, Carter, who majored in accounting, said he has soaked up the many experiences.

“I’ve been a sponge to people who have experience,” he said.

“The diversity on campus felt like home to me, what I had in Jersey City,” said Carter, 21, who grew up in Jersey City and graduated from McNair Academic High School.

In high school, Carter had a mentor who taught him about accounting. “It inspired me to become an accountant,” Carter said. “He shed light on how having your own assets, your own business, would bring you generational wealth. I wanted to learn more. ”

Carter came into Rutgers Business School as part of the Business Student Transition at Rutgers (B-STAR). B-STAR participants arrive on campus six weeks before their freshman year begins to meet one another and attend programming, including their first college classes. Through college, B-STAR continues to provide support, mentoring and opportunities to network with alumni and other professionals.

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