Liberty Union senior Kalib Riddle wants to own a business and more

BALTIMORE – Not many high school students, or anyone for that matter, have a patent for something they invented. But Liberty Union High School senior Kalib Riddle does.

“I patented a technology regarding carbon capture,” he said. “My technology differs from the rest of them because of what patented carbon dioxide does and puts it into the clearing of land and fields to the benefit of plant growth and health. inspiration from that. “

He has spoken to officials from the Biden Administration about his invention.

Riddle will graduate third in his class with a 4.3 grade point average.

Some may think being an inventor with plans to own someday may be enough. But Riddle also has a job that takes even more of his time.

He is a pre-operative surgical technician and research assistant at the James Cancer Center in Columbus. Riddle said he’s worked there because some of his family members have had cancer.

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