Libraries have become innovation centers due to the internet

In the 21st century, what’s a library for?

Once upon a time, there were no books… no writing. But there was knowledge. There was wisdom. It lived in people’s heads and was shared through the spoken word. You literally had to be there. Tribal rememberers carried the lineage of families back hundreds of years. Stories were shared and embellished around the fire. Shamans danced and tranced themselves beyond the veil, human phone booths to connect their neighbors with the world of spirit.

Plato worried that the popularization of writing would ruin the human mind. An educated man could recite at length from the “Iliad” – all through memory. Meanwhile, knowledge was being etched into tablets or scratched onto papyrus. Soon, these were being stored in something new… libraries. When the library of Nineveh was burned by the Persians, ironically the heat fired the clay tablets and preserved them for millennia. Here we have a chance to read “Gilgamesh”, the oldest story in the world.

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