Linktree sacks 17% of employees in latest round of tech layoffs

Linktree co-founder Anthony Zaccaria confirmed 17% of staff would be sacked.

Australian runaway success story Linktree has fired 17% of its staff, with the social media startup’s founder confirming the latest casualties in a worldwide tech bloodbath.

“Today I shared the difficult news with our team that Linktree is reducing our global workforce by 17 percent in order to emerge stronger from the economic downturn,” chief executive Alex Zaccaria said in a LinkedIn post.

With a reported 300-strong workforce, the mass layoff amounts to about 50 staff members.

“Our people have built Linktree into what it is today: trusted by millions of people around the world. I’m heartbroken to say goodbye to some incredible teammates today, and want to do all I can to support them,” Zaccaria continued.

“On Friday, we will post a public, opt-in Airtable for those of our team impacted and ask you to please consider this group of incredibly talented and passionate people for roles you have open. I can assure you they will make huge contributions wherever they land. If you’d like to speak to me personally about any individual, my DM’s are open.

“My focus and priority this week is on the team. We say goodbye to those who remain as we continue to move Linktree forward together.

“Friday will be a company-wide mental health day at Linktree. For a company like ours, so focused on culture and camaraderie, this will be difficult news. I don’t expect anyone to be their normal selves. We will also be allocating you an additional mental health day that you can take at a time that suits you,” he said.

“The opportunity for Linktree is immense and I have no doubt we’ll achieve everything we intend to and more for our creators. The right path is rarely the easy path. Today’s change to our team is the hard path, but it puts us in a strong position to deliver on the opportunity we have in front of us.”

Zaccaria co-founded Linktree with his brother Anthony and friend Nick Humphreys in what grew from a simple “link in bio” function to become a $1.78 billion company.

The site is one of the most popular in the world, with 1.2 billion monthly views, widely used by influencers, brands, artists and businesses to turn a social media profile into a money-making mechanism.

More to come.

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