Lotus Engineering, Iprova to bring AI to transport sector

MANILA: The relationship between Lotus Engineering and Iprova, which was recently announced, brings together discoveries they make from artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For the first time, the two firms have the potential to generate proof of concept, design, and engineering of products based on AI.


  • How will Lotus and Iprova work together to bring AI to the transportation sector?

    Iprova helps with the development of ground-breaking inventions, and Lotus Engineering contributes with proof of concept, product design, and engineering.

  • How does Iprova’s Invention Studio create technologies?

    The Invention Studio platform from Iprova uses AI, data, and automation to speed up what are frequently labor-intensive and slow invention processes.

  • The two businesses will use their unique engineering expertise and data-driven invention technology to target the transportation sector in its broadest sense, including everything from e-scooters to autonomous trucks.


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